Thursday, September 29, 2016

Original Save Our Beach (OSOB) responsible for Deerfield’s "Greatest Beach"

Original Save Our Beach (OSOB) responsible for Deerfield’s

“Greatest Beach” according to Dave Mirantz

 There is a new magazine in the city called “Deerfield Beach Magazine” which published its premiere edition in September 2016.  The second edition, October, 2016 has several articles about future growth & economic development plans for Deerfield Beach.  On page 36, Dave Mirantz, former president of the Chamber and head of the Economic Development Task Force, which came up with a plan for the city, says:   

  “We (Deerfield Beach) are uniquely positioned for growth; we have the greatest beach in South Florida to the credit of people who curbed expansion in Deerfield Beach.”

 To be fair, the OSOBs had the help of the voters of Deerfield who passed our amendments, which put the development codes for the barrier island into our city charter, by an overwhelming 75%.

 Residents in our city do not want to see the whole barrier island, including our precious main beach parking lot, covered with towering condos and commercial establishments.  Our residents had the intelligent vision for the barrier island and knew that by putting the development codes into the charter, future commissioners could not change these codes at their or a developers whim!

Our city has received compliment after compliment about how gorgeous our beach is and has attracted upscale and beautiful developments, which fit in with the image we have for our city.  The Royal Blue Hotel uses our unique beach as its main drawing point. 

For more details on how the OSOBs saved the quality of life in Deerfield Beach go to:

 To read the Deerfield Beach Magazine, go to:

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