Thursday, June 16, 2016

Phone Scam

Over the past few days I have been receiving phone calls from the "IRS".  Of course I knew it was a scam as they said the IRS had an arrest warrant out for me.  For the first couple I just hung up on them, then I found out I should report it, here is the response I received.  Bett
 -----Original Message----- From:
 Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016 3:33 PM
 Subject: Phishing Report Received - Thank You
 This is an automatic reply from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Online Fraud Detection and Prevention (OFDP) team.
 We have received your report of possible phishing or fraud.  Although we review and investigate each email we receive,
 due to the number of incident complaints, we cannot guarantee a personal response to your message.
 Please note that the IRS does not contact individuals by email.
 Therefore, if you received an email claiming to be from the IRS it is a phishing attempt and should be reported to us.
 Additional information on IRS phishing can be viewed here:
 Additional information on avoiding phishing scams can be viewed here:
 Additionally, please be aware of Telephone Scams.  The IRS will always send taxpayers a written notification of
 any tax due via the U.S. Mail.  The IRS never asks for credit, debit or prepaid card information over the telephone.
 Please see:
 The IRS values your report, and encourages individuals to report future IRS phishing/fraud to
 so that we can handle these incidents and limit the number of possible victims.
 To limit email volume, you will only receive one auto-response per day for any of your submissions.
 Thank you for your report.
 Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
 Online Fraud Detection and Prevention (OFDP)

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