Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dixie Highway RM 50!!!! OMG!

Deerfield Beach has always prided itself on its hometown feel, we are a city, but everyone who lives here likes the small town atmosphere and the careful zoning we have to make sure that our residents are not subjected to inappropriate development next door.
Sure, we have stupid projects such as the giant industrial park where Eller’s golf course used to be, but to be fair, the nearby residents voted in favor of it, they were conned in my opinion, but they okayed it.
Now I hear that the city has a project on the horizon that, if I remember correctly, has already had residents in nearby neighborhoods signing petitions against it.  Residents DON’T want it! The city should not allow it.
A developer wants to build a massive, totally incompatible, and tremendously dense cluster of residential condos on Dixie Highway, in a business zone. 
He wants to double the density of our most dense city zoning anywhere, and build a residential project in a business zone.  We allow, at most in the city, RM25, that means a MAXIMUM of 25 units per acre and, we don’t have many of those zones.  The parcels he has are on either side of a street which he wants to re-route, huh?
This intruder wants RM50, 50!! FIFTY residences per acre on our already congested roads.  Residences on Dixie Highway, not businesses, not a project to bring jobs to our most needy area. 
I would love to see development along Dixie Highway, but development that goes along with the special business zone overlay the district has placed there to encourage businesses which would bring jobs to the area and be attractive along the corridor.
Dixie Highway is not an area that is conducive to residential projects, that is why it is zoned business; it is right across the street from a noisy railroad.  Not an inducement to potential residents.
Think about the size that this project will be.  It would tower over everything else in the neighborhood. 
Pity the gardens of the folks who live behind it, withering in the constant shade. 
Pity our poor city with this visual cancer on one of our most used roadways. 
Be sad for the loss of the ability of our commissioners to say no to the next person who comes along and wants to go bigger, denser, and higher, and change the land use anywhere in the city.
If there ever was a project to deny, this is it.  There is NO upside to the city, no benefit to the neighborhood, no added jobs for residents, most likely not much tax money to bring in compared to what would be if the area was used for nice businesses.  I suggest we all send an email to our commissioners and city manager urging denial to this disaster.

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