Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanks! You Are Awesome!

The holidays can be bitter or sweet.  Sweet for those who have family and friends to surround them with love, sweet for those who are fortunate enough not to want for the necessities of life, sweet for those who have interests which involve them in activities which enrich their lives and give them satisfaction. 

But, holiday time can be bitter for those who are not so fortunate.  So Wow! Thank you to the wonderful caring people who answered the last minute emergency request by Officer Harold Morrison and helped fund the purchase of turkey dinner baskets.

Due to rising prices and some longtime supporters cutting back there was a shortfall. Your response was heartwarming. In less than a week you enabled a happy Thanksgiving for 30 families who would have gone without, if not for your generosity, whether you gave $10 or $200, you are awesome!

Officer Morrison was delighted and relieved and I was really happy we could help. Thank all of you who donated:
Wayne Adams, Denise Bogner, Mary Ann Chicosky, Eleanore DeBoo, Becky Dressler, Dorothy Dunn, Katy Freitag, Jim Geoghegan, Elke Haus, Betty Masi, Joan Maurice, Phyllis Mavrikis, Marti McGeary, Pam Militello, Ellie Mills, Barbara Moriarty, Sally Potter, Claire Riccardi, Mickey Rosenkranz, Richard Rosenzweig, Verna Rosenzweig, Nan Schley, Sheree Thomas, Bett Willett.