Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dear Deerfield Beach Commissioners

Dear Commissioners,

I am getting very tired of Patrick Jolivet’s comments about the Original Save Our Beach group. He has set himself up as a know-it-all about all things Deerfield Beach and writes that he knows what the OSOB committee will think without ever sitting down with our group.

The OSOBs stand for good development and stand against over-development on our beach.  He misspoke big time about the OSOBs by saying that the committee would surely be against the new restaurant/hotel at the Cove Shopping Center. Mr. Know-it-all is very wrong on that.

He is also wrong to accuse the OSOBs of being “…furious with the City Manager…” about metering the Cove Shopping Center.  The OSOBs have taken no position on that.  It is not something that the committee would take up as an issue. When the committee takes a stand on an issue, we make it very clear.

Individuals who happen to be members of the OSOB group speak about issues as INDIVIDUALS, as do many residents of Deerfield Beach.  When a member of the Kiwanis speaks about an issue, does Mr. Jolivet think that the whole Kiwanis Club has the same opinion?

No OSOB members were involved with Mr. Connick’s letter to the Commission; he sent it as an individual. As to the metered parking matter, that is an issue with which the OSOB committee has no involvement. 

Is lowering taxes at the cost of the quality of life of Deerfield Beach worth the cost?  Jolivet seems willing to see overdevelopment on our already crowded beach so he can pay a few bucks less on his mansion. 

I wonder if he would have been in favor of the massive Boinis project on our pier, a building that would have been many times larger than what we have and left no parking for fishing.

I wonder if he would have been in favor of turning our beach into a RAC which would have allowed higher density and commercial development on all 28 acres of our barrier island beach.  The Save Our Beach committee had to go to the County Commissioners on this one.  The County looked at the damage a RAC would do and banned them from all Broward barrier islands.

A former commission wanted to cover the entire main beach parking lot with a hotel and commercial development.  What would Jolivet have thought about that? 

The OSOB committee represented the vast majority of residents and saved our beach which is now a showpiece.  We listen to what residents and voters want.

Past commissions listened to people who had short term revenue boosts and developers’ profits in mind for our beach and voters rose up in huge numbers against them. 

The current commission has so far been an amazing champion for our barrier island.  The CRA funds have been used to make it into a world class beach taking a back seat to none.  The OSOBs played a part in making that happen, and will continue to champion keeping the low rise village feel primary on our beach.

If anyone one of you or Mr. Jolivet want to know if the OSOB committee has a position on an issue look for large group of people at a commission meeting wearing white T-shirts with OSOB in large black letters in the audience and listen to what one of them says during the public speaking time.

About the Cove metered parking, I, not the committee, but I, a Deerfield Beach resident, do not agree with putting many people’s livelihoods and businesses at risk for a few bucks. Of course the businesses should pay all the maintenance.  If money was the overriding issue the city would meter parking at City Hall, the swimming pool, and all the parks, but that is not done because it would hurt families. 

There is a responsibility the city has to its constituency, among whom are businesses.  We spend a considerable amount of effort trying to attract business to Deerfield Beach, is this how we then treat them? Perhaps commissioners should have the same oath as a doctor, “First, do no harm”.