Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Letter to Deerfield Beach Mayor, Jean Robb

Dear Madam Mayor,

Oops, you don’t like that term.  It was OK to call the Secretary of State of the United States of America Madam Secretary (there’s even a TV show called Madam Secretary and the show is not about an administrative assistant to the head of a brothel)  and to call the Prime Minister of England Madam Prime Minister, but you don’t want to be called Madam Mayor.  Do you only know of one kind of madam?  What kind of kinky mind would think that way? 

What kind of warped thought process would think it is the right thing to do to tell a serious lawyer who was trying to state his case at a commission, “Don’t call me madam”.  That poor guy didn’t know what to say in response.  I have heard you say that almost every time someone tried to use a respectful title and to address you as Madam Mayor.  And I have heard snickers at you from the commission meeting audience every time also.  Your mind may be in the gutter but, that doesn’t mean you have to subject commission meeting attendees to your X-rated thought processes, keep your thoughts to yourself. 

“Don’t call me Madam is bad enough, but, a while back, when the head of purchasing proposed a restructuring of his department along the lines of most businesses, and mentioned creating a procurement section, a common business designation, you giggled and said, more than once, something like, “You can’t call it that!”  How embarrassing to your fellow commissioners and that bright young department head.  Jokes have a time and a place, but not then and most assuredly, not there. No one laughed with you, only at you.

Your rudeness is ongoing, and has become a campy joke to those who attend city meetings. Your facial frowns when someone you do not favor addresses the commission, your pointing finger and rude, brusque, “You’re done, who’s next!” comments.

It was not a joke when you were dismissive and rude to a lovely woman, Margaret Blume.  She, through her foundation, has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to create a unique underwater sculpture garden to be sunk off shore in Deerfield Beach, presented her gift to the commission. 

The Easter Island like sculptures, called RAPA NUI, will draw divers from all over to our beach. Partway through Margaret Blume’s soft spoken description of the exciting project and while thanking the Deerfield Woman’s Club and Arilton Pavan of Dixie Divers for being the primary sponsors you, Madam Mayor, interrupted her and as much as shooed her away.  Ms. Blume, looking bewildered, carried on and finished her description and acknowledgements. 

Instead of effusive thanks to this generous woman for her outstanding gift, she got a curt “thank you” from you and then on to the next item on the agenda as if you were doing her a favor. 

This generous woman should have had a plaque presented to her, should have had a day named in her honor and should have received, with urging from all commissioners, a standing ovation.  She did NOT DESERVE the quick thank-you-and-now-get-out treatment she received.  Shame on you!

I wonder why you continue to serve as mayor.  You do not appear to be enjoying yourself; you seem to be in mental pain during most of the meetings.
Why are you staying?

This commission voted to go on record against your unethical conduct and abuse of power. 
Why are you staying? 

The Inspector General’s report said you committed malfeasance or misfeasance by your frequent violations of the city charter; and possibly, in some cases, violated criminal statutes.
Why are you staying?

You seem lost during many discussions and it is evident that you either haven’t read your agenda backup material, or have forgotten what you read.
Why are you staying? 

You are 83 years old, that is old by any definition, wouldn’t you be happier if you didn’t have to battle your way through commission meetings? 
Why are you staying? 

Why are you staying?

Why are you staying?


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