Friday, March 6, 2015

Response to a clueless commenter

Ben is a refreshing change over what was in District 2 before he was elected. What did he do? How about:

1. Established communications between constituents and commissioners. Answer phone when constituents call and hear their concerns and respond.
2. Rename Westside Community Center to the Johnny Tigner Community Center
3. Developed New City Resolution for the public to be heard the old policy was 3 minutes; the public can now speak for 4 minutes straight, an additional minute may be granted at discretion of mayor.
4. Renaming S.W.10th Ct. to Bethlehem Ct.
5. Established GED Program (Project Second Chance)
6. Drop off lane at high school to ease traffic congestion on S.W.15th Street
7. Appeals board for volunteer coaches
8. Little league baseball field at Westside Park
9. Worked with BSO to increase patrols
10. Adult baseball field at Westside Park
11. Light industrial park business center (Butter's Corp)
12. Donation of a community center by Butter's Corp
13. People Trust Insurance Co.
14. S.W. 15th Street Beautification Project
15. $25,000 donation from People's Trust Insurance for S.W. 15th Street beautification project
16. S.W.11th Dr. repaving
17. S.W. 15th street repaving
18. Renaming of S.W.15th Street to Buck Pride Way
19. Chicken removal from neighborhood
20. Sprinkler system for median
21. Taking youth to see the movie Red Tails
22. Essay Contest on the movie Red Tails. A true Red Tail pilot presented awards
23. District 2 cleanup x 2
24. Elimination of illegal dumping in district-2
25. Installation of sidewalks in North Deerfield
26. Restriping of school crossing lanes for student safety
27. Provided transportation to and from football game for the Packer Rattlers
28. Developed communication with police in regard to elderly intimidation
29. Assisted with developing growth in the Teen Center
30. Creation of debate teams in elementary and middle schools
31. Owls on Patrol program (Football players from FAU ride with police as examples of positive role models)
32. Historical achievement Martin Luther King Day Parade crosses Federal Highway for the first time in the history of having the parade
33. Trophy display case at City Hall for city achievements to be displayed
34. Had Pot holes in cemetery repaired
35. Had columns to entrance of Westside park pressure cleaned
36. Had basketball courts at Westside Park resurfaced
37. Had loitering at Mayo Howard monitored at watch for drugs sales
38. Had time line moved up for repairs at Johnny Mc Keithen Park
39. Had drug activity eliminated at Johnny Mc Keithen park
40. Provided for more focus on park clean up in district 2
41. Saved solicitation with citywide ordinance
42. Had Martin Luther King Blvd extended beyond SW 10th St.
43. Clean up of Deerfield Country Club back area (Butters Corp.)
44. Left turned lane installed at Hillsboro Martin Luther King
45. Had time line moved up for state DOT project
46. Commission approved workshops to begin in 2015 for restoring Westside park.
47. Music festival named for Oveetta Mc Kiethen
48. Had park named for Pastor W.J. Ford 49. Street resurfacing in college park division
50. Street resurfacing in Natura


  1. How about:

    0. Last name isn't Poitier
    1. Didn't get arrested
    2. Didn't get removed from office
    3. Didn't get convicted by a jury of her peers
    4. Didn't ask for free water
    5. Didn't steal 225 gallons of paint
    6. Didn't run a CHDO
    7. Pays his property taxes
    8. Pays his business taxes
    9. Did I mention the last name not being Poitier thing yet?

  2. The achievements you are attributing to Preston...aren't those the same accomplishments that Cody posted about over on myperspectiveis. The same accomplishments Cody posted the emails between himself, Preston, and others were he battled for those desperately needed changes in D2. Do you also credit Ben Preston with the death of that District resident that Cody was ranting about? Preston spent 20 years with the Noland gang and was plucked out of D2 obscurity by Noland/Ganz/Hanson as a puppet they could control to dethrone Poitier. He couldn't even do that right! Bett , you and the SOB crones only endorse him because he bends to your will regarding the beach. You could care less about the residents of District 2 or the residents of Deerfield as a whole. You only care about the beach and keeping it the way you want it, no matter the cost to Deerfield taxpayers. Those preachers over in D2 onlyendorsed Preston to ensure that the BSO PAL money keeps flowing their way...they are worse than Poitier (and that's hard).