Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nextdoor Cove Site not very neighborly

The truth seems to take a battering on the nextdoor.com – Cove website.  Let’s get things straight; what was posted there about Joe Miller was a lie, not a misunderstanding, a flat out lie!

 Joe Miller has NOTHING to do with the fake Ron Coddington website and/or Chaz Stevens. Chaz delights in pointing out Ron Coddington’s shortcomings; this is right up his ally. By default he is supporting Joe, but check his past posts and you will see Joe has no reason to like Chaz. 

 Both Joe Miller’s site www.vote4joemiller.com and the MAOS sites are built using WordPress, but so are many, many other sites including the NY Times, CNN and 76 million others, which using warped thinking means that Chaz and CNN are in cahoots. Ridiculous!!

 Stretching the truth even more, it was said that both sites are on the same server, this also is far from reality, Miller’s site is at “” and MAOS is at  “” easy to check on,  if you are going to lie, don’t make it so easy to disprove.

It was said that both use GoDaddy to host the site.  OMG, that is like saying that they both have a Mazda, and all Mazda owners know each other.  Check on line and you will see that thousands of political sites choose to use GoDaddy services. 

If Stevens was building Joe’s website it stands to reason that he would use the same framework, it makes it so much easier to throw up a site with an already familiar framework.  But, Joe’s site has no pre-made framework, it was built from scratch. 

Why bother to point all this out?  Because the people on the Nextdoor.com  site should know the truth. 

Think about it for a minute, it makes no sense to any rational person that ANY politician would ask such a controversial and mercurial person such as Chaz to have anything at all to do with his campaign.  That would be political suicide for sure.  Just look at how Joe’s opponents have taken this lie and run with it.

Read the IMPARTIAL Pelican newspaper endorsement to see why Joe is important for Deerfield Beach:

“Miller offers a rational and reasoned approach that brings order to a sometimes chaotic atmosphere. He stays close to his constituents and more than once has admitted to changing his mind because they are on the other side of an issue.

With six years under his belt, Miller has acquired the knowledge to see things judiciously and to take the long view rather than go with knee jerk decisions. He is an advocate of bringing new investment to the city while maintaining smart growth.  He is willing to talk on the issue of beach erosion rather than take a firm stand against trying to improve the damage apparently being caused by the city’s groin system. He favors more parks and green space.
He brings a collegial attitude to the matter of government”.

"His opponent, Ron Coddington has a totally different style, one that is combative and accusatory. Although he possesses much technical knowledge, he does not exhibit the ability to play well with others. Electing him to this particular city commission would be a mistake and impede the progress the city is making in redevelopment, finance and community imaging.”



  1. Bett;

    Along these lines, I also find interesting:

    1. That NextDoor crew doesn't hold Con Roddington accountable when he stated, "my website was hacked and we had to take it down." Rest assured, if I "hacked their site", they'd have a very legitimate beef, as such a crime would be Federal in nature. Do you really think I'd risk jail time and jeopardize my Top Secret clearance?

    2. That crew also takes at face value Roddinton's assertion of saving $10M in Fire Rescue, receiving permission to plant his political signs on church property, and $1M in trash savings. Like the Capellini spoutings of Sarah Moron, very little effort is paid to flesh out the underlying detail.

    3. For instance, our annual Fire Rescue bill is $23M, not $31M as put forth by Con Roddington. Imagine trying to cut that bill by 5%, let alone the 43% suggested by Roddington. Do you really think we can cut the bill in half and not suffer catastrophic consequences. Deerfield responds to approximately 15,000 calls a year ... cut staffing in half, I dare you. The folks over at CVE will run you out of town.

    4. Saran Moron seems to hate the Pension problem and love Capellini. A funny juxtaposition, as it was Capellini, Robb, and others who sold the farm back in the day.

    5. But don't let these facts get in the way of Tossed-Off-The-Board Dispenziere. This wanker never grasped the notion that as as Trustee, he wasn't in charge of operations. Having attended a couple of meetings, zero training, all offset by years of Microsoft Excel usage, we're to believe this fruitcake over say, the plan actuarial?

    6. Look to Dania Beach and their troubles. Similar in layout to Deerfield, Dania resident had to kick in $3.5M last year to their pension plan, as the plan failed to make the 7.5% metric.

    Here's the thing.

    I agree with many folks we've got a huge problem with the unfunded pension liability. On MAOS, we'be been bitching about that for nearly a decade. While we may not agree with the solution, at least we should be able to agree upon the genesis of the problem. This issue has been brewing for 20-30 years, and isn't something that cropped up during Joe Miller's term.

    Blame Capellini, blame Robb, blame Trinchi.

    1. It is sad that I went to your account as to read what you have written, and then listen to what you posted re: Coddington-St. Ambrose and there is nothing but porn!! I like what Bett was writing. I appreciated her views. I had issues with Robb and letters to the Parishioners of St. Ambrose and how she actually got the list. I find her rude and offensive. HOWEVER, after being on your site I may have to believe others. That was a crappy thing to post as me and my spouse sat down to listen...... I get that you are a self proclaimed trouble maker etc and that is all fine and good. But that was just poor taste.

  2. 1. Joe Millers website and Vote 4 Ron not only use the same platform, but have the same exact wordpress plugins installed. The chances of this are slim to none.
    2. Media Temple assigns IP addresses incrementally. Vote 4 Ron and Joe millers website are within the same Subnet, again the chances of this are SLIM TO NONE.
    3. Websites cost around $3500 to make. Chaz is violating campaign donation laws by not having a PAC by creating the Vote4Ron.com website which is valued around $3500. Remember Chazzy, you’re only allowed to spend $1000 endorsing or trashing a candidate. You’ve violated that by a factor of 3. A complaint has already been filed, and its WAY more serious than the crap you’ve been filing. Pucker up.
    4. Joe Miller has also violated campaign laws by not reporting his website created by Chaz on his campaign contributions. So far with 2 Website and facebook ads, Chaz has donated around $7000 to a campaign and he doesn’t have a PAC.
    5. You do not have any Top Security clearance. I’ve checked with my sources at the FBI.
    6. Own up to creating the website. The fingerprints of the HTML are so clear you’d be a fool to try and hide this.
    7. Bett, you have no idea what you even said in your post. Its best to stick to things you know.

  3. The chances of Vote for Ron and Joe Miller's website being hosted on the same subnet is 1 and 4.1 billion.

    1 AND 4.1 BILLION.

    The jig is up

  4. You know, I have to admit, mission fucking accomplished, as I've made the Cod Roddington For Now Fourth Place campaign waste valuable time fretting over the Vote4Ron.com website.


    I literally peed myself when I read there's a 4.1 billion to none chance that Joe Miller and I are dating! Holy crap batman, time to buy a lottery ticket.

    And I thought, after reading the bit about the old-timers running into porn on MAOS (who knew!), I thought it could not get any better than that.

    But it did!

    And. It. Was. Fucking. Glorious.

    Unfortunately Con, put down the bong, 'cause I'm about to burst your bubble.

    Remember getting a copy of the Treasurers Campaign Handout? Well, judging by your un-handle on the disclosure, it's quite evident you didn't read it... But, when you're waking up from your hangover this Monday ... this Tuesday... this weekend, turn to the page about independent expenditures.

    Give it a read... and note the $5,000 figure.



    But please, don't let any of this deter you from spending more time worrying about me ... I get that I'm the most fucking interesting person in town, and fully understand your raging boner of love for moi.

    So, file another complaint. Call your friends in the FBI. Have another toke for the road.

    In the end, just remember that I kicked your ass (once again) and to thoroughly enjoy the loss.

  5. Is this the same Chaz telling someone to read, when he himself says signs need the "Elect" phrase?

    Pot meet kettle.

    Ron and Chaz have so much in common.

  6. Remember guys, when you deal with Chaz, you're dealing with a clinically ill person. He's been court ordered to stay away from Women, and he's been forced to attend therapy. The facts are as clear as public documents. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2bIWUiYsG_4/T6Hvdlb6LiI/AAAAAAAAAS0/XWSQ72o2usw/s1600/psych+eval+CHAZ.jpg


    Click those links. Its sad. The poor dude needs help. Learn more about Chaz here, http://myperspectiveis.blogspot.com/

  7. For someone who claims to be world famous. You sure do stalk some low budget blogs for comments.

    Who is more addicted? Roddington's campaign, or Chaz?