Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lessons learned in the March 10 Deerfield Beach Election:

1.    Sometimes the good guy wins.  In spite of a negative campaign run by his opponent, the people of District 1 saw the benefit in keeping Joe Miller in office.
2.    Coddington learned that flaunting election laws with improper disclaimers, jeopardizing St. Ambrose’s not-for-profit IRS status by putting signs on the church property, and bragging about having hundreds of black absentee votes in his pocket, didn’t endear him to the voters. 
3.    Sometimes the good guy loses.

4.    Sometimes you can fool enough of the people all of the time so they will vote against their best interests.
5.    District 2 voters learned that they will have to live with the result of not re-electing Ben Preston, who has done more for his district than any District 2 Commissioner before him has done.  Wonderfully, the district has seen great improvement which will be his lasting legacy.
6.    Madam Mayor learned that she will not have a rubber stamp to wreak her havoc on the city. 

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