Sunday, March 8, 2015

Deerfield Beach Black Heritage AND Women’s History Banquet a Winner!

Last night (March 7) I had the honor of attending the Deerfield Beach Black Heritage AND Women’s History Banquet.  There was a sold out crowd.  Many last minute ticket buyers were there to support Ben Preston and the city’s honoring of Avis Swenson and to make a statement to Mayor Jean Robb that she was wrong in boycotting the event.

It was an inspiring presentation, talented young musicians played beautifully and Hometown Heroes were honored.  The speaker, a young black woman, Danielle Knox, told the heartwarming story of her childhood and how she came to be a renowned Television news anchor. 

Commissioner Preston was a super host, encouraging all to mingle and get to know each other, he was passionate about his efforts to unite the city and spoke from his heart about how distressed he was that the Mayor and her cronies are feeding divisiveness.   
Yes, the Mayor of the city decided to use the event as a political statement.  Her thinly disguised bogus excuses kept changing every time she opened her mouth.  “They shouldn’t honor a white woman at a black event.”  After it was pointed out that at last year’s event she attended and honored a white woman she tried weakly, “They didn’t involve residents in the choices of who to honor.”  Really! How do you think the honorees were discovered?  Her lamest excuse, that she was not going because the District 2 Commissioner was emceeing the event, was perhaps the closest to the truth she came.  She is a vocal supporter of Gloria Battle who is opposing Preston in the election. The white woman being honored is a Preston supporter. So in some kind of twisted rationalization she made a big deal of petty things, blew them up all out of proportion and played the race and political card. 

Madam Mayor is all about revenge and spite, if you are not with her you are against her, so she sees someone supporting another candidate to be an enemy, and saw this as a way to get back at her. 

Because she was hiding her real agenda, her excuses for the boycott made her look like the worst kind of racist, as Mike Mayo said in his scathing article against Robb, what would have the reaction been if she had boycotted a white group who chose to honor a black woman.  Think about it.
Guess what will happen if this vindictive, person’s two pets, do-nothing-anti-city-ethics-law Battle and anger-management-needed-potty mouth Coddington, get in.  There will be chaos in the city, she has stated many times that she wants to get rid of City Manager Burgess Hanson, and many other top staff.  What will the city be like with 5 or 6 top staff all leaving at the same time.  These are outstanding employees who made the mistake of not kissing the Mayoral Ass. Whether she fires them or they choose to leave an unendurable situation, they will be gone and the city will suffer the consequences.   

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