Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who’s right, Miller or Coddington? Deerfield Beach's Future is at Stake!

Fact or Fiction?

Who’s right, Miller or Coddington?

The future of Deerfield Beach is at stake in the election coming up on Tuesday, March 10th! 
Whether you vote by mail or at the polls on March 10th, it is very important that you cast your vote for our commissioners who will keep fighting to make a difference! 
Not for a candidate who twists the truth to the breaking point. 
Ron Coddington, in an effort to fool people into voting for him has made statements that are so wrong that they could be easily called lies as with a little fact checking one finds out that:


Coddington is wrong about the Fire Department Merger
The city’s financial position is improving at a rate faster than expected; the recovery is made more impressive by the $17 million deficit the city was facing in 2011.
Tough decisions powered the turnaround.  Especially merging the fire department with the Broward Sheriff’s Office which saved the city money in salaries, health insurance, and pension costs now and in the future.
The utility tax took the burden off of the commercial, industrial and residential land owner. Without it when property values dropped 30 percent, it would have taken years to get this revenue back. 
Because of these difficult decisions the city has successfully hit the fund balance target of 12.7 million, two years ahead of target. 
Joe Miller helped to lead this charge and as a result the city is beginning to see some recovery.

Coddington is wrong about the Fire Department Pension Board
The Pension Board has no control over union contracted fire pensions. 
The defined pension system was put in place many years ago and we are suffering from the results now.
Merging with BSO took that away from future consideration. 
The Pension Board is a body which oversees the pension money investments only.

Coddington is wrong about the Kingfisher and other canals
The water quality of our canals is very important to the commission and city staff. 
New drain pipe inserts trap the solid pollutants and bumpers contain the rest.
The canals are dredged as money is available. 

Coddington is wrong about campaign donations
Joe Miller clearly votes on issues to benefit the quality of life in the city, his track record backs this up as he has voted for and against those who have donated to his campaign. 

Coddington is wrong about city projects
The fact that city money is used to fund a project has nothing to do with how the project was initiated and supported. 
I am sure Mr. Coddington is not planning on using his own money to fund city projects. 
Joe Miller has been a real champion of District 1 projects and we have him to thank for the stunning pier renovation, the beautiful Cove Shopping Center, the Sullivan Park renovation and other improvements.  

Coddington is wrong about Sun Bergeron and the solid waste agreement
The contract for solid waste with Sun Bergeron has saved the city piles of money, especially in recycling. 
Mr. Coddington’s pet company Wheelabrator/Waste Management was ripping off the city for years and got away with it because they had a virtual monopoly in the county.
Then in the new go around of bidding, the price came way down because of competition and in a desperate ploy to keep the contract.
Why now?
They could have lowered the charges sooner but chose not to.
Why would the city trust them?  
A new Sun Bergeron contract saved the city enormous sums and told Waste Management that the city would not be taken advantage of.

Coddington is wrong about sober houses
Ron Codding said the city manager was the cause of Deerfield Beach having a number of sober house residences. 
That is so very wrong. 
A city manager has no control over housing.
  The “cause” is the Americans with Disabilities Act which considers recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to be disabled. 
  It is illegal to deny housing to anyone with a disability so “sober houses” cannot be prohibited in residential areas. 
Cities who have tried this have had to pay millions in legal fees and penalties. 
  This commission, urged by Joe Miller as a result of complaints in his district, has strengthened its policies on this type of residence to the full extent legally allowed.


  1. Bett;

    Why don't you ask Con Roddington if, back in the day, he ever brought, but boat, drugs into the US?

    Hint: If you speak Russian, the word for yes is 'da.'

  2. Now Bett, do I have to get involved again! You are once again living in the world according to Bett. Giving people the option to develop over selling to drug rehabs is the choice. Do not blame the ADA! As far as The Cove shopping Center being beautiful, you need to get out a little. This shopping center is an embarassement! Twenty Five Acres of the most prime real estate in south Florida and the City gets no tax revenues from the parking lot and to add insult to injury the taxpayers pay approx 150,000 per annum to maintain it! However, the facts are that you and your group do not pay enough taxes to this City to pay for a dinner at McDonalds so who cares! Let the hard working families pay while we stifle revenue from comming to the City.By the way, the reason why the reserves have been replenished is because the City raised the millage rate on people who pay their fair share of taxes ( something that you would not know about!) So stop giving credit to only the utility tax! Either way, The City was forced to tax the people because no development revenue is comming into the City due to your absurd restrictions! Again stop spinning the facts. Are you related to Coddington?

  3. The Original Save Our Beach Group
    Meter the Cove Parking lot which will give the City approx 3 million dollars per annum in revenue to offset tax hikes NO!

    Give the rights to the parking lot back to the Sullivan family and let the estate pay to maintain the lot and pay taxes to the city! NO!

    Argue to keep the lopsided buoy! YES!

    Argue to rebuilt a broken down wall ( landmark) on 4th court YES!

    Prevent development on the Beach so that the only options that owners have is to either rent or sell to drug rehabs and do not blame the bldg restrictions but blame the ADA! YES!

    Deerfield Beach now has the highest millage rate in Broward County and The lowest property values! YES!

    These are the positions of your dysfunctional group! Do me a favor, you endorsed Pam Miletello and she lost! Take off the Vote for Miller T shirts, I need him to win!

  4. I'm glad I got to read these comments before they were deleted. the OSOB's are a bunch of idiots. Bett, you rallied for Coddington the last election? You still have an endorsement post from 2011 on this website. Now you're hot to trot for Miller?? The do nothing commissioner for the last 6 years? I dont care for Coddington, but I WILL NOT vote for miller this election.

  5. What a joke. The ONLY thing Miller does well is show up for every photo opportunity imaginable. I bet he has the Observer on retainer.

  6. As a blogger always looking for new material, I look forward to a Coddington / Robb menstruation. One cannot begin to fathom the amount of blog gold those two chowderheads would provide.

    Along with saving us $10M, maybe Con Roddington can help legalize pot!

  7. Bett deleted the previous post linking chaz and Joe miller.... Bett care to explain why you deleted it?

    1. I deleted nothing, but when I post on a blog or forum, I use my name I do not hide under Anonymous.