Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Pelican Got it Right!

In Deerfield Beach,
Vote for Miller and Preston

The sitting commissioners, Joe Miller and Ben Preston, have shown the ability to work together to bring significant progress to Deerfield Beach. They each deserve another four years on the dais.

Preston, in particular, works overtime bringing initiatives to his district: the beautification of SW 15 Street and creation of a Buck Pride logo, communitywide cleanups, introducing elementary school children to the skills of debate, city-sponsored GED classes for adults, urging FDOT to improve street lighting along W. Hillsboro Blvd. and notching up the Martin Luther King Day celebration.

In fact Commissioner Preston [now serving as vice mayor], is constantly focused on programs and funding that will benefit the residents of District 2.

Preston is very accessible and last year held a series of community meetings bringing the citizens together with the city manager and other department heads.

He is opposed by Gloria Battle, a candidate who could serve her community in many ways.

Miller offers a rational and reasoned approach that brings order to a sometimes chaotic atmosphere. He stays close to his constituents and more than once has admitted to changing his mind because they are on the other side of an issue.

With six years under his belt, Miller has acquired the knowledge to see things judiciously and to take the long view rather than go with knee jerk decisions. He is an advocate of bringing new investment to the city while maintaining smart growth.  He is willing to talk on the issue of beach erosion rather than take a firm stand against trying to improve the damage apparently being caused by the city’s groin system. He favors more parks and green space.

He brings a collegial attitude to the matter of government.

His opponent, Ron Coddington has a totally different style, one that is combative and accusatory. Although he possesses much technical knowledge, he does not exhibit the ability to play well with others. Electing him to this particular city commission would be a mistake and impede the progress the city is making in redevelopment, finance and community imaging.

The Editors

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