Sunday, January 11, 2015

Important for all of Deerfield Beach Voters

There is a very important campaign going on right now.  The fate of our beach area and our entire city is at risk and may well hinge on the outcome of the March 10th Districts 1 and 2 election.

 Commissioners Ben Preston and Joe Miller are being challenged by people who will almost certainly, if elected, create a bloc vote with Mayor Robb.  Robb wants to do away with provisions in our referenda protecting the beach.  She is in favor of more density in beach properties to make it easier for property owners to build higher and more massive.

If she has her vote and 2 others on the commission she can get her way.  We need to support Ben and Joe and protect our beach and city.  If you can, donate to their campaigns, help get the word out by talking to your neighbors and friends, come to campaign meetings, help knock on doors and pass out flyers.  No matter what district you live in this is important to you.

Visit and to find out more about Ben and Joe. 

Ben Preston needs our help right now, whether you live in District 2 or not!  Please join me and other caring residents at his Campaign Kickoff Celebration NEXT WEDNESDAY invitation below:

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