Friday, December 19, 2014

Moment of Silence or Moment of Ridicule for Deerfield Beach

Some years ago the Deerfield Beach commission heard from some residents that they would like a moment of silence instead of a prayer in the beginning of commission meetings.  This caused many religious residents to attend the next commission meeting and demand that the prayers continue, which as a result of the uproar, they did.

Now, in reaction to court decisions, there is a movement to have the invocation delivered by those of non-traditional beliefs, all legal according to the courts.  The people who are making these unusual requests are hoping to stage a publicity stunt trying to make the point that government should not be in the business of religion, and that many attendees of commission meetings feel ostracized by the current type of invocations.

Not wanting their invocations turned into a media circus many cities have done away with invocations entirely; other cities, have decided to have a moment of silence during which people can pray silently or not as they wish. 

I don’t think Deerfield Beach is ready to do away with a spiritual moment before our meetings, but a moment of silence will eliminate the possibility of the invocation time being turned into a moment of ridicule, and go a long way toward eliminating the feeling by many residents that the city is not one of inclusion. 
COMMENT BY DAVID COHEN (This was sent to the city commission):
The Five Electees Serving on the Deerfield Beach City Commission were elected To Represent All Constituents, Not Just Christians
The diversity in our town underscores the need to replace the divisive sectarian invocations at civic gatherings with unifying Moments of Silence. 

Scriptures of major creeds support this practice.   Quotations provided upon request.   
Consider also, in sharing that moment of silence for prayer and/or contemplation, non-believers can, at last, attain their due civil rights — HUMAN RIGHTS — to be treated as the equal citizens that they are. 
This is yet one more time for me to invoke the spirit of Rosa Parks.   I insist that you will no longer shove me to the back of the bus.  

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