Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful Deerfield Beach

Thanks to the Original Save Our Beach committee and thousands of Deerfield voters our beach area is attracting the type of development they envisioned. 

Residents overwhelming voted to keep our beach low-rise and uncluttered. 

The CRA board has improved the look of the beach with new pavers, furniture and refurbished pier. 

As a result, builders of new homes, condos, hotels and rentals are eager to be a part of our in-demand gem of a beach area. 

These are the words of the owner of the new Royal Blues Hotel saying why he located his new boutique hotel on the beach in Deerfield Beach: “for its timeless qualities of 1960’s surf culture, low rise building landscape and its devotion to natural beauty,"

This is the new Royal Blues Hotel which was built to code


In addition, a new beautiful short term vacation rental building will soon be built around the corner from the Billabong store:

Our beach, because residents demanded that buildings should be low and setbacks generous, is in demand for it’s unique-in-South Florida, ambiance. 

Residents have always wanted our beach to have a small village feel, but former commissioners did not, they tried to bring in massive overdevelopment.  Residents prevented this by making sure the beach building codes are in our City Charter and cannot be changed except by voter referendum.

One of the developers who is now building a new restaurant by the Cove loves the character of Deerfield Beach so much that he said he is going to live here and is now very glad that his former enormous projects were denied. 

Kudos to the commissioners who resisted the pressure from some greedy land owners who wanted to change our codes, kudos to the builders and owners who are building such beautiful projects within our code, shame on anyone who proposes to change our beach codes.  We, the residents and smart builders, know that keeping our beach free from massive congestion and traffic will benefit the whole city well into the future.

There are 2 more examples of what’s to come on our Beach in my Sept. 7 post.  See below.

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