Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Greedy Self-serving Jerk Heard From

At a recent Deerfield Beach Commission meeting another jackass, not a Deerfield resident, got up and complained about restrictive building codes at the beach implying that developers cannot make money; such utter nonsense, and so very self-serving (he owns property in Deerfield Beach). 

 If he and anyone else continue to tell us that our development codes on the beach are too restrictive and developers cannot make money, the Group P6 developments may squash these falsehoods. 

Group P6 paid $540,000 for their 216 SE 19th Ave. property and $1,425,000 for the two lots at the corner of Hillsboro and SE 19th Ave.    Time will tell if these developments actually take place, but Group P6 bought these three properties earlier this year, so they must think they made a wise investment!

Here are renderings of what they are planning.  It certainly looks as if they are OK with the building codes and are planning on putting up a couple of profitable buildings.

Our beach codes are written to make the best use of our beach area and were approved by 75% of the voters.  They make sure properties are not crowded lot line to lot line with massive buildings.  The codes were written with the residents’ quality of life in mind.  The codes were written so that the beach would have a chance at staying the type of village-feel low rise area so desired by everyone who comes here and raves about the great time they had on our lovely beach.

None of the visitors, snow-birds, or residents want what accompanies the kind of development that the aforementioned jackass wants. 

So when you hear someone mention that our codes “stifle” development, or are not generous enough, make sure you ask them if they are going to live or vacation here, or if they just want to make a bundle of money off the misery of Deerfield’s beach goers.