Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nothing has changed in Deerfield Beach

In the Sun Sentinel from a local minister in 2005.  The controversy is as fresh and new today as it was then, and nothing has been done in all these years to make it right! 
Sun Sentinel February 2005

Invocations aren't appropriate

I have been a Lutheran pastor for 27 years and believe strongly in the separation of church and state.  I don't believe that God really cares a whole lot about what happens at a City Council or Commission meeting as long as there is no injustice perpetrated upon another human being unless the environment is being polluted or plundered. 

God has more important things to attend to rather than zoning issues, parking problems and other more important issues of running a city.

 These issues are important, but I don't believe they are issues that need the Divine Presence to work out. That's why God gave us brains.

 Personally, as a clergyperson in Deerfield Beach, I don't believe that prayers or invocations are appropriate at city meetings. These are not spiritual gatherings. It kind of goes along with my view on athletes making the sign of the cross before they shoot a basket or swing a bat. I think it helps only if you are good at the foul line or have a .550-plus batting average.

 But hey, this is just my opinion.


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  1. Where was your adamant outrage when Noland was Mayor and allowed secular invocation at City Hall. Where was David Cohen's outrage, Spaz Stevens outrage and so forth. SOB used to stand for something, but now you old cronies just sit idly by on the Spaz Stevens bandwagon. Tisk, tisk, tisk!!! Ashamed I once supported OSOB...maybe it's time for a NSOB---New Save Our Beach. You prattle on about decorum añd Robb's flaws, but you are adding to the discourse of the City. I feel sorry for Robb and the residents of District 2...because it is obvious that no one is on their side. Lead by example Bett and OSOB, like you used to and stop pandering to Stevens, Hanson, and Ganz, who if my memory serves me correctly someone once referred to them as the 3 Horsemen.