Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Person or the Actions?

Yes, I am appalled by how Jean Robb is acting and what she is doing, but only because she is a danger to the quality of life of our beach and city.  Her rudeness could be tolerated but her actions and vocal attacks against the best interests of the city cannot.  

Keeping the OVER developers from ruining the quality of life of Deerfield Beach is how I became interested in City Hall.  I was a part time resident in 1993 when we bought our first place here near the beach, and now am a full time resident.  The commission and city manager in 1999, when I first started to question what was happening to the beach area, were kissy-poo with every developer who wanted to use our beach for personal profit.
I learned about the OSOBs and happily joined them in their fight to keep the main beach parking lot from being turned into a commercial development, and have been working with them to keep the beach area from worse traffic and congestion ever since.  Not an easy job, however (see the OSOB time line, ) with help from residents in all districts our efforts have paid off. 

Mayor Robb wants to undo our protections for the beach.  She has said many times that she wants to allow land owners to be able to build without the restrictions put in place after residents were shocked by the massive Tiara East building and wanted nothing like that on the beach again.  The then commissioners, forced by the public, put lot coverage and height limits on beach building. 
The commission with Al Capellini and Peggy Noland and from what I saw, controlled by City Manager Larry Deetjen did away with those limits to benefit a developer.  But, remembering what happened in the past, the again shocked residents, through referenda signed by thousands of residents and voted into the charter, restored the building codes. 

Mayor Robb’s lame excuse that allowing curb to curb buildings on beach lots will eliminate the drug rehab houses is laughable.  All cities are beset by these ADA protected facilities; codes have nothing to do with it.  Mayor Robb’s support for doing away with the beach building codes after she supported the OSOB past efforts, and has always been a voice against overdevelopment is puzzling.  
I and thousands of residents and members of the OSOBs, will fight her efforts to change the codes.

I spoke against her effort to thwart the Sullivan Park renewal and the Cove Shopping Center parking lot upgrade.  Happily, the other four commissioners also disagreed with her and we now have both projects going forward. 

As of this moment I believe our commissioners are on the right track with development in the city, if my thinking changes you will read it right here. 
Do I support Bill Ganz? Yes, of course, as he has the fiscal and quality of Deerfield Beach upper most in his mind, he wants what is best for the city.

Do I support Ben Preston?  Yes, and in a future post you will see the many reasons why.
Do I support Joe Miller?  Well, that road was much rockier for me; however Joe has learned a lot in his time on the commission and is now looking at everything from the viewpoint of what is best for the beach and the whole city.  

Richard Rosenzweig is new to the commission, however he is strong in his belief that the city should be for the residents, and they are the ones he answers to.
We now have a commission who is not in favor of development for the developers gain, but development that enhances the city and adds to the quality of its life. This is a far cry from the commissions of the past when the public was scorned and belittled and behind the door deals were the norm. 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Deerfield Beach Mayor on a Power Trip

This is an excerpt from a post on the website, please go to the site to read the entire post.

Is Jean Robb Der F├╝hrer? - 06/21/14
A local resident and occasional speaker at city commission meetings, Patrick Jolivet, emailed a letter to Mayor Robb protesting her alleged attempt to block certain emails, including his, to her official city email address. He wrote, "It is important for you to understand that you are not Adolf Hitler and Deerfield Beach is not Nazi Germany." Jolivet's full letter is on the MAOS blog.

Obviously, the city cannot block emails or any other form of communication to City Hall under ordinary circumstances. If the charge is true, I am simply dumbfounded why the mayor would think she could do this. Then again, she thought she could use her personal email for city business to avoid the public records law until she was advised she could not...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nothing has changed in Deerfield Beach

In the Sun Sentinel from a local minister in 2005.  The controversy is as fresh and new today as it was then, and nothing has been done in all these years to make it right! 
Sun Sentinel February 2005

Invocations aren't appropriate

I have been a Lutheran pastor for 27 years and believe strongly in the separation of church and state.  I don't believe that God really cares a whole lot about what happens at a City Council or Commission meeting as long as there is no injustice perpetrated upon another human being unless the environment is being polluted or plundered. 

God has more important things to attend to rather than zoning issues, parking problems and other more important issues of running a city.

 These issues are important, but I don't believe they are issues that need the Divine Presence to work out. That's why God gave us brains.

 Personally, as a clergyperson in Deerfield Beach, I don't believe that prayers or invocations are appropriate at city meetings. These are not spiritual gatherings. It kind of goes along with my view on athletes making the sign of the cross before they shoot a basket or swing a bat. I think it helps only if you are good at the foul line or have a .550-plus batting average.

 But hey, this is just my opinion.