Thursday, May 8, 2014

True or False? Deerfield Beach

Fraud? - 05/07/14
It appears that charges of poor working conditions motivated by racial prejudice were staged by a couple of disgruntled city employees, aided and abetted by others outside of city government. The result was an embarrassing video report by Channel 10 reporter Bob Norman. The city claims the charges are false and never pursued through normal union grievance procedures...
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  1. Bett;

    I have spoken to authorities and have lodged a complaint against several of the individuals involved.

    Based upon credible information in my possession, I have asserted the Jean Robb directed this endeavor.

  2. Just watched the Megalomaniac Show! Talk about pandering. Let's save 45mins at the end just for MEEEEEEEE.... ME ME ME. I can't stand that man.

    1. Ron;

      You should switch to a lite version of whiskey. Might help us understand you better. Probably not, as your mind's obviously shot.

  3. Here's my favorite bit of "the show".... cue the music: the rehearsed set up of "bringing it up" with Burgess Hanson (Why have Burgess at all if it's the megalomaniac's job as well?) "I'm not gonna say..." blah blah, but he's actually saying it. How much money does the Megalomaniac's assistant make a year? And how much is it costing us to have that person sit there and prepare a myriad of potential avenues of attack for him? How many hours of research goes into all those papers Barney Rubble rustles around each meeting?

    He must think he's Perry Mason LOL

    And the biggest joke of it all is that they're all so eager to continue to embarrass themselves (and by extension, our City) and they blame HER! Let's focus on this nonsense NO ONE cares about except the characters in the staged scenes (both in video and on podium) and talk about how "we need to just do the job" while they go on doing anything BUT the job.

    PS: I don't know who "ron" is, but it's not me.

    1. Sorry.

      Whoever "you" are ... you are just as daft and fucking confusing ... you could be a stunt double.

      Of course, you won't put your name on things... as that would obviously detract from your credibility.

  4. Wow. Just because I don't like the others, doesn't mean I disagree with your dislike of ""the one." They're all useless and embarrassing, in my opinion. She doesn't make them look any worse then they already are.

    These commission meetings are a joke. It's the best entertainment in town. Laughing at it just smooths the edges. You should try it sometime.

  5. As the writer of the article, I feel compelled to do something I rarely do, that is, to respond to comments on a blog.

    What did she (JR) know and when did she know it? I gave Mayor Robb a pass on this, in the absence of any proof known to me at the time I posted the article, but her connection with the conspirators legitimately invites the question.

    Mayor Robb claims she knew nothing of it before Bob Norman's call. Mr. Stevens, however, states he has "credible information in [his] possession," that "Jean Robb directed this endeavor."

    While I would be surprised if Mayor Robb "directed" the staging of the videos to show poor working conditions for some city workers, not much else would surprise me. We all know that she lies, when it conveniences her. Her exploitative response to Bob Norman suggests she knew "something" prior to Norman's call.

    We may never know what transpired between Mayor Robb and Sandra Jackson, if anything, before Jackson contacted Bob Norman (I'm assuming that Jackson made the call), but if Mr. Stevens has credible information that Mayor Robb was deeply involved in a conspiracy to deceive the public and commission, I would certainly like to see it.

    Anonymous, if you don't know who Ron is, you don't know very much about contemporary Deerfield Beach politics. And why don't you identify yourself honestly?

    Another thing you don't know: Jean Robb and I have been friends for many years, since I started my website 14-years-ago. We've exchanged a volume of emails about various city issues. Our "debates" have been mostly friendly, and we've been on the same side of many issues.

    I remain skeptical that Mayor Robb was deeply involved in this particular scandal, but I am perplexed by many of her antics and lack of integrity during her campaign and since she assumed office last year. Her conduct could have much different. I think she's tied herself to some wrong people and she could be dragged down because of it.

    I understand Bob Norman will be doing a follow-up report tonight (May 9).

    Jeff Sayles

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I'm guessing Ron is Ron Coddington? I'm not politically involved. I'm just an average citizen wanting it's representatives and city employees to do the damn job. Meeting after meeting it's the same thing: a joke. A "lets maneuver the conversation" to blast Jean for something, anything. It's tiresome... and time wasting.

    We average people work to have what little we have. We pay taxes and expect a city to address problems as they arise - so they don't become a big stinking mess like the Kingfisher Canal.

    With all the time these morons spend digging up mud to sling, why did NO ONE know anything about the long standing complaints of that canal? And as with the canal, same with tons of other things in this city.

    It's from that perspective which led me here, and MAOS, and elsewhere: searching for real information, some bit that would help me understand what IS the problem here... why can't they just do the job?

    And finally: does my sharing my name make any difference? I'm a tax payer, a regular anyone you'd pass on the street, with no skin in this "game" politically... no business agenda. I'm not looking to make a "name" for myself. I am the common person's perspective as I am just a common person.

  7. The fellow mentioned in Bob Norman's report by the name of Durham, as I was told by workers at city hall that night, used to work for the city of Pompano and was once arrested and accused of raping his stepdaughter. If you check the Broward Clerk of Courts records, this guy Ronald Durham has 4 speeding infractions. He will eventually cost the city with his reckless driving habits.

  8. Ronald Durham is the union representative in question, he is a patsy for the so called activist Sandra Jackson. He reports directly to Jackson, and Durham works in the Environmental Services department. Durham is 56 years old, married and has a girlfriend in Parks and Recreation by the name of Rhonda Quinn, she is another agitator who works closely with Sandra Jackson and her ex husband William Jackson. William Jackson is currently under investigation by the city for allegedly stealing city equipment.

  9. Does anyone else find it interesting that no new blog articles have come out since Bob Normans latest report in response to Tuesday nights comission meeting? It will be enertaining to see what new smoke and mirror tactics the great leaders of our city try to use to sweep this under the rug.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Saunders and Jackson aren't worth dried up camel jizz.

      Sorry... If you're talking about me, I've been busy working with investigators ... you can fret all you want over BobN. I'm much more interested in removing Robb from office.

      If you are in the know, you know what I'm talking about here.

  10. May 12 Bob Norman ran an updated piece about this and since I commented on a more recent post about the lack of updated reporting on this issue..I read this, but obviously Bett is only concerned with discrediting Mayor Robb..possibly for Robb's past transgressions against the SOB's, well at least in Bett's mind. You say you rambled about the City, but since Robb was elected all you've done is report non-relevant accusations parroted from Chazs Stevens. Makes me wonder why the turn around of the SOB group. I guess the SOB's are just like Spaz on a vendetta quest. Over it and over this asinine quest. Im just going to tune into Bob...cuz obviously that is the only source of unbiased reporting since he is not obviously beholding to The management of Deerfield Beach, Spaz Stevens, n Bill Ganz. Good luck to u, Bett!