Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Recall Who???

At last night’s meeting (4/1/2014) I learned that the mayor can hear over and over again how her behavior is affecting the staff, the running of the commission meeting and the residents of Deerfield Beach and still be in denial. 

 After all she heard, she continued to interrupt and take over the conversation all the way to the end of the meeting.  Even after being reminded that her 1980-90s commission passed a resolution forbidding her to interrupt. She heard the same thing from the residents and from her fellow commissioners. How sad.

One person said to me that it is as though she has a learning disability or a mental problem. 

It is very plain that the other commissioners will have to continue to halt her excesses and continue to keep her in line meeting after meeting as she continues to take every difference of opinion as a personal criticism, and launches attacks against anyone who disagrees with her.

Commissioner Miller said she actually phoned him (Sunshine Law?) and screamed at him for voting for an appointment that she disagreed with. 

I was told that many of the staff she deals with are, in self-defense, documenting the rude things she says and does, and the times she violates the law by having them do her bidding instead of going through the city manager.

Commissioner Rosenzweig said that Keven Klopp and others have left their jobs due, not in a small part, to her behavior toward them I suspect Jerry Ferguson retired early due to her, also. 

Her arrogant, entitled, demanding, and belittling attitude toward everyone she encounters makes the workplace at city hall a hostile work environment.  She professes not to believe this, she feels that because she gives gifts to her underlings, it excuses her behavior.  

A staff member told me that the way she behaves at commission meetings is not half as bad as she behaves in city hall. 

She participated in the ethics training workshops which taught her very clearly that the city manager runs the city and the commission sets policy, however, she continues to violate the provisos of the charter by working directly with staff and bypassing Burgess Hanson. 

The rumor going around is that she will not be mayor much longer as many people have filed complaints against her with the Ethics Commission and the Inspector General of Broward County because of her actions and behavior it is expected she will soon be removed from office. 

What everyone in the commission chamber learned last night was that she will not change.  She and her small band of supporters are headed down a very dangerous path.  Another resident said that the divisive act of starting a recall movement and constantly, unjustifiably using the racial card could polarize this city to a point that will turn into, their words: “a race war”. 

To view the meeting:  click on the Public To Be Heard and the Comments by Mayor and Commissioners sections.

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