Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letter to the Deerfield Beach Observer

Dear Observer News Editor:

 Mr. Jolivet’s April 10 letter was so full of misinformation it is hard to know where to begin to refute him, but here goes:

 Using the 460 South Ocean project to falsely blame the “Save Our Beach referendum” shows Mr. Jolivet did not do his research. 

 The 460 South Ocean project was unanimously approved by the City Commission with all requested variances on May 2, 2006.  The property owner received exactly what it requested from the City Commission. 

 From the minutes of the commission meeting: “Vice Mayor Militello said…, she supports the project.  She said that this would allow the applicant to keep the design of the project and give some uniqueness on the beach.”

 Why they turned it into a drug rehab facility has nothing to do with the building codes. To blame the 2002 Referendum for problems in the Beach area is ridiculous.

The 2002 Referendum was approved by 75% vote of the voters to assist in preventing the increasing congestion in the beach area and difficulty in beach access.  Responsible development is what our residents voted for.

Mr. Jolivet’s suggestion of metering the Cove Shopping Center parking lot is a bad idea. The 780+ parking meters in the beach area generate $1.2 million.  He says that metering the 500+ parking spaces in the Cove will bring in $3 million a year.  That is so not true. 

 The surest way to kill businesses at the Cove is to put in metered parking at the Cove, something that no other shopping center in the City has.  If you kill the business in the Cove, you will not generate any parking revenue from the meters.

These bad ideas and lack of logic advocated by Mr. Jolivet seems to have the ear of Mayor Robb, but fortunately very few others. If this is Mr. Jolivet’s logic on generating revenue for the city, I have to question why Mayor Robb asked him to present his ideas for economic development to the commission at their December 3, 2013 meeting.

 Mr. Jolivet paints a false picture of Deerfield Beach. We can solve our problems with sound decision-making that is based on facts and not misrepresentations, blame, and demagoguery.

Marge Hilton

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