Friday, April 18, 2014

Deerfield Beach Politics

It is easy to deny something, but facts will win out.  In Mayor Robb’s latest bluster to the Observer Newspaper, she puts an interesting spin on some events. Here is the reality:

Joe Miller described Jean Robb’s phone call to him, he said she screamed at him in a loud, caustic voice, questioning his vote and voicing harsh criticism of his decision. I have been on the receiving end of Jean’s displeasure and her default setting is loud and condescending. 

Why would she call any commissioner to voice her displeasure with an appointment AFTER the vote was already taken. There was no upside to that phone call, just an opportunity to vent her displeasure and be nasty. 

As the matter will most probably be taken up by the commission, again and commissioners may not discuss matters that might come before them, she was skirting on the edge of violating the Sunshine Law.

She was upset because Chaz Stevens’ father was the appointee, a man who from his resume was quite qualified but his crime, being related to Chaz the blogger who has written about Jean in unflattering terms, made him, by association, a pariah to Jean. 

Ben Preston, our Commissioner in District 2, which is heavily African American has never to my memory, or anyone else’s that I have checked with, said anything about her husband Dr. Robb, being racist.   To accuse Commissioner Preston of this is outrageous, and seems to be a political move.  The mayor does not want Ben to be re-elected and she has made sure that everybody knows this.

Commissioner Richard Rosenzweig, of District 3 repeated what he heard about why Keven Klopp quit, and Jean does not deny that she wanted Klopp gone.  I didn’t hear the Commissioner say anything about Jerry Ferguson, Planning Director retiring because of Jean’s actions.  To accuse him of saying this is again revisionist history; Jean blaming the wrong person.  I have been told Jerry fast forwarded his retirement because of Jean, but I did not hear it from Ferguson or Commissioner Rosenzweig. 

After this same April 1st. commission meeting I saw Mayor Robb rush up to Commissioner Rosenzweig’s wife, shake her finger at her and viciously tell her that Jean did not like what her husband said. Jean screeched that Richard’s words hurt her more than any of the other commissioners. She loved Richard, but did not love him any longer.

I hope at a future meeting Commissioner Rosenzweig puts her in her place for daring to approach his wife in such a manner. That was offensive and wrong on many levels. It is unbelievable that an innocent person was confronted in such an unprofessional manner.  

The CRA has done wonders for our Cove and beach area. The pier restaurant and decks are delightful, and the pier was in desperate need of restoration after years of erosion and Hurricane Wilma.  To say, as Jean does, that it was a waste of money is ridiculous.

The mayor has been told over and over that the motels on the entry to the beach could be bought as the CRA funds are available for them.  In fact they are in the original CRA plan which she also should know. Any time the owners and the city can come to an agreement, they could be bought.   The buying of the hotels was NEVER put on the back burner because of Sullivan Park. Again Jean is dishing out false information. 

Whether the city should take tax paying properties off the rolls and add maintenance of a little park to our expenses is a discussion for another article.

Jean’s vendetta against Commissioner Ganz stems from his doing his homework and trying to keep the city from making some bad mistakes.  For example he questioned her wanting to jump the gun and award contracts without going to bid.

She wanted to give away city property to Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the needy, and in fact had gone ahead and contacted them on her own.  Both Bill Ganz and Keven Klopp spoke for going to bid on such a large project and making sure the city got the best deal.  In return for saving her from a costly mistake, Ganz was on the receiving end of her vocal displeasure.

Jean is whining that she can’t get her way, if she had good ideas, she could get the votes.  However, what she is asking for is bad for the city. If not, she could convince the other commissioners to vote her way, and she would not have a chamber full of residents speaking against her proposals. 

Jean continues her quest to rescind the referendum, which placed protection of the beach in the charter.  In spite of all 4 other commissioners and uncounted residents objecting, she continues.  This vendetta smacks of her favoring certain property owners on the beach who want massive development on an undersized lot. 

Why would a mayor Listen to a developer regarding beach codes instead of listening to the 75 percent of the citizens of Deerfield Beach who are her constituents and who voted in favor of protecting our beach from congestion and traffic? 

Anyone who thinks the public has changed on this issue should gather petitions and prove to the commission that they can get enough signatures to get it on the ballot. 

The sober house problem is not unique to Deerfield Beach, Delray, Boynton and other cities are in the same fix, it is not the codes that are to blame. 

Moving the election to November is something some cities have done and most have not.  It puts the local issues way at the bottom of an overlong ballot and forces the commissioners to run at the same time that dozens of other seats are vying for the voters’ attention.  The local issues are important and should not take a back seat in a general vote.

Jean says that the sale of the Hillsboro and Federal fire station is going nowhere, that is incorrect as usual, and jumping the gun again.  There is a study in the works by the City Manager who is looking at the cost of moving the station versus the cost of the many repairs and upgrades are needed.  No decision has been made, but it is being looked at. 

Going out to bid on contracts is seen as unnecessary by Jean.  Even if the city is not required to go to bid for a project, why would a fiscally careful commission not want the best offer?  Requirement or not, it is the only way to make sure that politics are left out of the process and fiscal responsibility is paramount.

Jean is fond of saying the mayoral candidate supported by people, like me who stand up at commission meetings, lost the election.  Not true.  I had no “candidate” as I often said that that election was for the lesser of 2 bad choices. 



  1. Bett;

    My father, Jim Stevens, is a really great guy, and if you ever had the pleasure of meeting him, you'd might remark --- like many others have in the past have said --- "Are you really Chaz's father?" You see, when it comes to the political discourse, he and I are very much polar opposites.

    Once second-in-charge of Holy Cross Hospital, Dad has personally created two self-funding pension plans (much like those in Deerfield Beach). College educated with an MBA, Pop once served (nominated by Robb herself) to the city's police pension board. Needless to say, when you compare Jimbo to the twit installed (Anthony WearsDiapers -- an Excel spreadsheet master with an alarm company), Robb's appointee only ranked higher in the area of suckling at the Mayor's 87-year-old teat.

    As to Robb's comment that she wanted "fresh blood" on the boards, I'll draw your attention to the DBHA Vice Chairman, Colonel Klink (who previously served on the Charter Review panel). Considering Marlowe's advanced age and freezed-dried mind, there's little fresh about him.

    Now, let's talk about my "unflattering" Robb commentary. For years, as you have personally experienced, I've given many folks a laundry-list of reasons to dislike me. Unashamed, unapologetic and unabashed, I do what I do to make our town a better place. While you might disagree (with good reason at times) with my approach, I believe our intent is the same.

    Regarding Robb's words to Miller (and other commissioners) after the vote, I believe her actions did indeed violate FS 119/286. Robb, in her OpEd, wonders if others have a grasp on the law.

    I will remind everyone I'm one of the few citizen appointee's to Florida's First Amendment Foundation Sunshine Bridage ... so suffice it to say, I'm pretty well schooled up on the Sunshine Law.

    And, as you might know, because of my complaint, the SAO opened an investigation into this matter. I'm led to believe that effort may have come up short... Not surprising, as that very same agency told me while they developed multiple felony charges against Poitier, they decided to pursue only the misdeameanor route.

    Very disappointing

    In the end, it's uber tough to get an elected outsted from office ... doubly so when the SAO seems relucant to pursue. Hence my upcoming lawsuit, where we'll be able to root around these matters via discovery.

    Lastly, this coming week, given some new information we've just developed regarding Robb's violation of the Sunshine, I'll meet face-to-face with the SAO, bringing them up to speed on the new shit we've uncovered.

    That tale is not yet finished, I'd opine.



    1. I know you hate Mayor Robb - but can you say that Noland was a "good mayor?" You know, the whole fire dept. thing... and the screaming "scum" incident and the city manager shady business? And how about that she just deferred to the megalomaniac all of the time? We have a history of being embarrassed by our city representatives - Seriously, I would find it all depressing - if it wasn't for the White Russian I'm sipping.

    2. Allow me to retort.

      >> I know you hate Mayor Robb
      No, not really. As a blogger, one could not ask for a better source for material. She's an indominable force of stupidity.

      >> Noland a good mayor
      Noland eventually turned out okay. She got off to a rocky start, but watching the Poitier affair from five feet away kept her minding her Ps and Qs.

      >> You know, the whole fire dept. thing...
      If you've been around these parts for a few mango seasons, then you'll have recognized the change in the fire department's ability to influence an election. That's one angle. As far as getting hosed on the merger, the blame goes to Lamberti's gamed numbers. Can't blame Noland for using numbers provided by Lamberti. Noland also was a proponent of a regional solution -- and I personally see that as a decent alternative.

      >> We have a history of being embarrassed by our city representatives
      Being elected just means on that given Tuesday, you were more popular by one vote. Not the most competent. Just popular plus one.

      - Seriously, I would find it all depressing - if it wasn't for the White Russian I'm sipping.

      >> She's not wrong about needing to replace those particular commissioners:
      Sure, let's replace them with Ron Coddington, Terry Scott, and Jack Disher! As a blogger, I concur. PS Glad I don't live in Deerfield Beach anymore.

      >> She had to call Joe Miller because he's an idiot - he doesn't know what he's voting for or proposing!
      Miller can have his moments. I've counted three of them in the last five years.

      >> Yeah, he's crude
      Go read some HST or Bukowski. Report back.

      >> No one else does.
      I've said this for years. If not me, then who?

    3. As I sip this evening's White Russian I've concluded that the bloated megalomaniac makes my stomach turn, the shrieker hurts my head, the idiot makes me glaze over, and the old ass kisser gives me the heebie-geebies. We'd be better off with the Old dudes from the Muppets (the balcony guys) - at least they're funny.

      Then there's the unintelligible croaks that line up to shriek as well...compounding the headache, which originated from the White Russians that are required to muddle through the thick sludge of crap they're spewing.

      And all the while, the money goes misspent, the problems never get solved, and they need more money - I guess because they figure the show must go on (freak show).

      Here's my buzzed solution (for this evening anyway): 1/2 of Deerfield should go to Boca, the other 1/2 to Lighthouse point - that way we can end the legacy of embarrassing ineptitude that is our local government.

    4. I disagree somewhat with your assessment.

      Has a big head filled with to the brim in ego, but he helped me take down Poitier. Without Ganz, Poitier might still very well be sitting on the dais. He also seems to be the only one to do his homework.

      Nice guy, but ineffectual. Name one major, hell one minor proposal he's put forward. He'd screw up a circle jerk. Square jerk?

      Loves to spout his story of growing up challenge. Agreed, that sucked. Can we get past that?

      I believe RR is a dirty little man. He's not the willing dupe most believe him to be.

      I'd say 'worthless piece of shit', but if you think about it, that suggests the possibility of the opposite.

  2. Fact is, she's not wrong about needing to replace those particular commissioners: One is useless, a waste of time that never proposes any solutions, another a megalomaniac, and the last one an gender-biased-ass- kisser - can you guess which is which?

  3. She had to call Joe Miller because he's an idiot - he doesn't know what he's voting for or proposing! People can say what they want about Chaz Stevens - but the fact is that if you want to find out what's up in Deerfield he's the man. Yeah, he's crude, yeah, lately he seems biased (ganz/isreal stuff and he's majorly anti-Robb) but he pushes the line in finding facts. He makes demands to get information. No one else does.