Thursday, March 6, 2014

You People Should Shut Up!

“I don’t like you people getting up to talk.” Is what Mayor Jean Robb said to me after the commission meeting of March 4, 2014.  She also accused me of saying nasty things about her. 

 I can’t let that go.

Nope, uh-uh, nothing nasty from me; true, I did disagree with her and gave her detailed reasons why the beach building codes should not be changed, but I never said anything nasty. 

View the last 2 commissions meetings, in the public to speak section, at which I spoke and see for yourself.  

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  This Mayor accuses people who have a difference of opinion with her of being nasty. While you watch the videos of those meetings check out the way she treats the people who come up to speak, how she treats the other members of the Commission, and how often she interrupts other commissioners and makes off the cuff  “nasty” and snide remarks.  Check out her reaction to anyone who brings up something she doesn’t like to hear, her frequent “Oh, yeah, right” is obnoxious. Notice too her facial expressions, which clearly show her disrespect, dislike and disdain for those who are speaking.

Hypocrites such as Mayor Robb exhibit a lot of self-denial and quite a bit of immaturity, which for someone her age is unfortunate.

(Hypocrisy  : the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do : behavior that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel.)

The Mayor is trying to force her addle-brained opinions on everyone regarding overturning the beach development referenda from 2002, which would, if she got her way, cost the city a lot of money and allow overdevelopment on our beach.

She seems to be doing these things to favor “her” special people who helped get her elected, and not for the best interests of the 99% of the rest of the residents.

For example she is in favor of having a lot of part time employees do the dangerous work of landscaping our medians, at a cost of more than a million dollars over the company hired to do the work.  The grounds department now has very few part time employees, which means the full time employees have full benefits; working part time is not good for the employee or the city.  An employer who cares about its people always prefers full time workers.

Change does not seem to be a part of Robb’s nature.  Passing a resolution to prevent her from interrupting the other commissioners, as her former commission did and this commission passing a resolution spelling out the way meetings should be run didn’t make much difference. 

She appears to be incapable of self-governance.  I hope that the commissioners who have to bear the brunt of her nonsense refuse to allow her to continue her antics.  I hope they start to insist that the meetings not veer off into lengthy harangues about items that if researched ahead of time would not need such long winded discussions. 

And most of all I hope that she QUITS trying to be the city manager; we have a professional manager and don’t need her to second guess his decisions.   I hope she soon realizes that her role is NOT to direct employees to do her bidding, in fact that is a Charter violation every time she does it.  Her role is to help the other commissioners set policy and allow the City Manager to do his job by carrying out the policies.

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