Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Scoff-laws Profit BIG time!!!

The for-profit clothing bin “scoff-laws” must make so much money selling the clothing that is placed in their bins that they don’t mind losing some bins, and risking fines for placing the bins in parking lots illegally and without permission of the owners of the lots.

People think they are donating their cast off clothing to a charity when, in fact, they ARE NOT. 

Be aware that the owners of the bins, such as the one shown in the picture are in the business of collecting clothing for profit, the needy get nothing from them, but the GREEDY do.

They usually have amateurish stencil lettering with some claim about helping children.  This one is white, some are green.

These bins are illegally placed, and have nothing on them to identify who the owner is, no real phone number or address so the city or owners of the property cannot contact the owner to have them taken away, and so they stay and stay.

If you see a bin such as this, without a city permit or without a label saying it is a Salvation Army Bin, call the city and report it as a violation of the city ordinance and a code violation. Or leave a comment here and tell me where the bin is and I will notify the city.

Sadly, the bins get a long run before code does anything about them, which makes it profitable for the lawbreakers. 

 The one pictured is in the Hillsboro Blvd. Target parking lot and has been there for weeks and weeks. I have been promised that it will be removed by the city.

This should be done the day after the bin is spotted, because it takes so long the bin owners get a good haul before removal.

 Use the Salvation Army bins in the Woman’s Club parking lot, or the Chamber of Commerce lot.  Or, donate your things to the Focal Point Thrift Shop, or other needy organization.  DO NOT get tricked by the phony bins.


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