Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You think traffic is bad now!!!! Hillsboro Boulevard Boondoggle.

What does allowing an industrial park on the old Deerfield Country Club property mean? This is a done deal, it will happen.  The city and the county have given approval.  This article is the result of my frustration in trying to get this massive development contained, and a set-up for a really big, “I TOLD YOU SO” in the future.

  The property is along Fairway Drive just east of Rt. 95.  The owners had mostly stopped maintaining the golf course and it is in deplorable shape.  This was most likely a tactic to get sympathy for their request for a land use change.

The rationale from the city is that it will bring jobs and business to the city and in doing so increase income to the city in the form of taxes. Never mind what it will do the traffic or quality of life in the city.

The neighbors in the private homes adjacent to the property hated the golf course as it was a very bad neighbor and dumped mulch and trash along their fence line, allowing rodents and snakes to thrive in their backyards.  No matter how much they protested, for years and years, to the owners nothing was done.  The residents said that anything that gets rid of that mess is OK with us.  And, some of us might get jobs out of it. Given all that, what’s the problem? 

The City Commission listened to the neighbors, who bought into what the developers sold them, without considering what the development would really cost.

This is an enormous piece of property.  72 ½ acres.  3,241,773 sq. ft. or 36 football fields. 

Even with the small parcel allowed for a little park and a freebie community center building there will be a whole lot of concrete. 

Environmentalists were horrified that so much open space, in a county as built out as Deerfield Beach would be paved over.

City residents who live west of the area were the ones who saw most clearly what was being done to the city.  They are the ones who have to drive past the location every time they go east, to the beach, or wherever. 

The traffic mitigation offered by the developer will do nothing to improve traffic on Hillsboro Boulevard; it will just keep the status quo which is pretty awful right now.

 Forgotten, or most likely ignored, by the ones who approved this idea is the major development that will be built next to the Tri-rail station.  This location (the old Denny’s lot) also had a land use change which will allow very high density buildings to be crammed onto this plot. 

This, together with the industrial park, will dump so much traffic onto that stretch of Hillsboro that it will surely discourage even the most intrepid resident or tourist from heading east. 

Westbound after work traffic will be at a standstill for hours.  Trying to get to Rt. 95 will be hopeless.

The traffic into an industrial park is not just cars of workers, but giant tractor trailers rumbling off of Rt. 95, making wide turns and going into Fairway Drive all day long.

The Florida East Railroad will be carrying passenger trains in a year or two, no longer will that crossing be only freight trains about 10 times a day, but Hillsboro Boulevard will be closing 30 or more times for the new trains.  Hmmmm, what will that mean for traffic?

OK, so we now have a heavily trafficked road that right now is backed up morning, noon and night.  We are adding car and truck traffic into the new industrial center, car traffic from the new development by the Tri-rail station, many more closings from the new rail line.  What does that add up to?

My predictions: 
  • Irate tourists,
  • irate Century Village residents,
  • irate Deer Creek, Deer Run, Starlight Cove etc. etc. residents, and
  • irate workers every rush hour;
  • 10th Street and 18th in Boca becoming overused and creating more irate residents. (This will be the rationale for the MPO to finally justify a flyover on 10th Street to connect the Sawgrass and Rt. 95.) 
  • We will see snowbirds and tourists second thinking Deerfield Beach as a destination. 

 Response to the above post by a reader:

To bring jobs and business into Deerfield....are you kidding me? 

 Look at the entire Fairway Drive business area.  Half of the office buildings have been unoccupied for several years now and no new business is coming in.  I work at 800 Fairway Drive and our building occupancy is less than half. 

It got even worse after the City approved the utility tax driving many companies out of the area as rentals increased to cover the overhead.  Just to run the A/C with new taxes has become a great burden on management companies in this exact area you are referring to. 

 Complete greed on the part of DB commissioners.  (And what about our taxes, wasn't the utility tax supposed to keep the millage rates the same as last year.  Duh, would like to know where all that revenue is being allocated.) 

They are not creating new business but merely shifting it around for the lowest prices available to rent space.  They are also getting ridiculous in their permit regulations. 

I am President of my condo association and we are always getting hit.  It just cost us several hundred dollars in fines because we slapped a little sealcoat on the entrance of our driveway...no contractor, no permit, just a small improvement to make it look better. 

Something's got to give with the increase in development.  And what is with all the rehab centers and new buildings around St. Andrews being made available to house some of these unfortunate addicts roaming around our neighborhood...Very scary. 

Deerfield is NOT changing for the better, that's for sure.
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