Friday, November 29, 2013

An answer from City Manager Burgess Hanson

... I am sorry for the late reply. I completely agree that these improvements are needed. They have been discussed. Unfortunately there are no available funds for the sidewalk project right now. The City Commission and staff are looking at alternatives ways to fund the sidewalk project.

The CRA funds are not eligible for either project because they are outside the legal boundaries. We were able to utilize FDOT monies for the roadway/sidewalk by the Embassy Suites. It was part of a storm drainage project. We were unable to extend the project to the north where you described.

The interior of the restrooms will be addressed. I apologize for the condition. Some of the major improvements to the building will have to be repaired at a future time when the money is appropriated for the facility. I will have Facilities Division address the minor issues.

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