Friday, July 5, 2013

Today Affects the Future - don't forget who lives and drives here!

City Commissioners must look at the long term picture for the health and quality of life of Deerfield Beach and not a short term fix.  Current and future residents must be the focus of all the city does.

The Deerfield Country Club golf course is a valuable piece of property, even if the arsenic laden pesticide drenched grounds will take a lot of cleaning. (Let’s take it as a given that it will never be continued as a golf course.)

Broward County has very little open space left, and none that I can think of in such a valuable location near transportation.  In the ideal world, this green space would be cherished and not allowed to be paved over, the city and county would be up in arms at anyone wanting, in our built out urban county, to build on this green expanse of land. However reality and campaign money enter the picture.

The current proposal, to be voted on by our Commission in August, is to allow industrial buildings on the entire parcel.  (Land zoned for recreational use.) A proposal that will make the property owners a lot of money, and will be so devastating to the traffic on Hillsboro Boulevard that people will mark the decline in Deerfield Beach - as a destination - from the time of this development.

If this proposal is voted down, and the city stands firm as to what it expects, as quick as greased lightning there will be another development proposed for that golf course that everyone can live with. 

If this proposal is voted down there will be a proposal for that golf course that will not bring tractor-trailer after tractor-trailer in all day and night. 

If this proposal is voted down there soon will be a solution that will retain contiguous open space as well as allowing reasonable development of the property, a proposal that will bring jobs and increased taxes. 

Right now the developer is bragging that there will be a lot of green space, however most of that is in little spots here and there such as islands in a parking lot and mandated setbacks in front of the buildings. That is not what we think of as “green space”.  The developer is pulling the wool over the eyes of those who dare question the proposal. 

Developers are very clever and good at working out solutions, but they won’t even try if everything they want is handed to them on a silver platter on the first go-round. 

Recently I had to wait on Hillsboro for two Publix trucks to make a turn; they had to swing way around to make it and held up all traffic for a good while; just two trucks in the middle of the summer.  Imagine the truck traffic coming off of 95 onto Hillsboro going into the only entry of this industrial complex on Fairway Drive (across from Natura) with multiple businesses and more than one warehouse all day long in season. 
The traffic lanes and fixes the developer wants to put in will not come close to solving the problem, or to easing the tempers of the drivers on the boulevard. 

Keep in mind there is a high density housing/commercial project coming in next to the Tri-Rail station. 
The commission should turn down the current proposal; then there will be a very short wait for this developer, or a new developer, to come up with a workable proposal.
The commission owes it to the future residents of the city not to sentence them to the horrific traffic problems this proposal will create.