Friday, May 31, 2013

Post from, making local government more ethical

Not Engaging in Our Fathers' Misconduct
(Also mothers' - Bett)

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"...the way to deal successfully with past misconduct is the same in government as it is with being a father oneself. Looking at local government leaders not with fear or anger, but with sadness and understanding, with an appreciation of the situational pressures on them, is the best way to go about changing the situational pressures and discussing the past in a way that leads to a new future, rather than the same old thing."
"...those who take and hold power through intimidation, who abuse both subordinates and the public, are sad people. Just like fathers who abuse their children. They are people who lack self-respect, who can't win by playing fair, and who care more about winning than anything."

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  1. Can't believe you're talking about Ganz this way! Amazing how he put's residents down for a mis-spelling on their e-mail (hope I don't have one). I wasn't aware that Ganz finally finished college and got a degree in English and never corrected fellow Commissioners for mispronouncing the word DAIS which he probably mispronounces as well. You know, the deaf leading the deaf. Amazing how some Commissioners wait until the resident sits down after their written request and then the Commissioners put them down and the resident is not given the chance to counter. (that's how it was done in the last administration). Thank you for finally bringing up the shortcomings of the Arrogant One.