Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mickey Mouse Club Commission Meeting

I am concentrating on issues, such as the crazy proposal to turn the Deerfield Country Club into an industrial/business area. 

 I have been purposefully staying away from comments on the comportment of the new mayor and the commission; letting some time go by for the new commission, hoping to see the promised mellower mayor emerge. 

But, you knew there would be a “but”, didn’t you?   I received an email from a new acquaintance, who just moved to Deerfield Beach, and attended a commission meeting a couple of weeks ago. 

The new resident said,

“The new mayor is certainly, um, different. While I can appreciate (to a certain extent) her feistiness and take-no-prisoners attitude, she is so unpolished and unprofessional, and seemingly simply intent on seeking some type of revenge on those who were naysayers in her past life as mayor (in the 1980s, I gather), that she is a difficult pill to swallow in her current position as Mayor…

As a veteran of many local governmental board/commission meetings in ***** NY (where I lived for 30+ years), I was appalled at the behavior I witnessed that night …It was a regular Mickey Mouse Club that night; I expected to see a "for entertainment purposes only" advisory on the bottom of the agenda!”
It was sad but interesting to me to read this reaction from someone who is new to the area. 


  1. I understand the concern of the new Resident of Deerfield Beach going to their first Commission meeting. Regarding the behavior of the Mayor and commissioners, Cohesiveness between them was taking a long time, but it was beginning to work and then we had an election. With the election of the New Mayor, cohesiveness left the dais. I believe with the transition, the commission is well in it's right to discuss in full before voting and I personally think the commission has been as cordial as possible.

  2. Give the people on the dias a chance. Don't start these attacks based on others opinions. Beth has said she doesn't want a kiss kiss commission. Engaging, spirited is good. I see Bill Ganz constantly trying to prove the mayor wrong all the time. He did the same to Sylvia Poitier and it drove Peggy Noland crazy because she told me.

  3. Now don't go talking about Bill the Bully who is Betts Boy. Rather, let's listen to the nameless new resident. The fact that Bett choose to print the remarks of this nameless person speaks more to Bett's feelings about the Mayor.

  4. Certainly the head of the Mickey Mouse club is commissioner Gantz. Arrogant and unyielding in his attempt to suppress the residents from airing their complaints.

    Who's the leader of the band that plays for you and me, Mickey it's commissioner Gantz!

    Seriously, voter apathy in District 4 resulted in this guy thinking he has a mandate from the resident WHO DON"T VOTE OR CARE ABOUT OUR CITY

  5. JOHN.