Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kingfisher Canal Conundrum

I was impressed with the residents who did a presentation at last evening’s commission meeting (May 21) about the condition of the Kingfisher Canal.  They had legitimate complaints, but they also had solutions.  Their list of 10, well researched, actions that could be taken were mostly achievable.

A new water analysis seems to be a no brainer as the last one was done in 1998.  FDOT has a 72” drain which dumps waste water from Federal Highway into the canal along with whatever happens to be in the gutters of the street at the time of the storm, yes, let’s “encourage” them to put a filter on it.  The city’s 24” drain pipe has a baffle, but should have a more effective one. Find and repair any leaking sewage pipes. YIKES! There might be some buildings that are still using septic tanks which might leak, and even worse there is some evidence, in the city, of homes and businesses bypassing the septics and allowing their raw sewage to dump directly into the storm sewer or even the canal, YIKES! The city should find those miscreants FAST. As the resident presenting the list said, we can now shove cameras up the pipe to find out what’s up. 

In investigating this I had a lot of trouble discovering who owns the canals in various parts of the city, but it seems the canals are owned by the city as the various developers dedicated them when the developments were finished.  So, if the canals are owned by the city, and FDOT uses them as waste baskets, they should be the ones to clean them up.  And, the city should devise an ongoing plan to keep them clean.  Some ideas were mentioned at the meeting and I applaud the commission for looking to the future. 

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