Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sad Little Election in Deerfield Beach

When a person is running for office it seems everything takes a back seat to winning.  All’s fair in love, war and elections.

During this little local campaign for only 2 seats, Mayor and District 3 Commissioner I have seen and heard about some really nasty personal attacks and tactics.

A veteran candidate, who should know better, posted larger than legal signs and indicated that donations to her campaign would be deductible.

Yard and post signs were removed, stolen or trashed, fewer in this election than the last you say; perhaps, maybe some learned their lessons last election, but it is still a very low class action, this is not a game, it is not move-the-pink-plastic-flamingo-from-yard-to-yard, it is STEALING, and for candidates with limited campaign funds it is a large factor.   I believe that this reflects on the integrity of the candidate if his or her followers stoop to such tactics. Vote for the person whose signs are stolen, not the one who steals them.

At least one candidate is more than stretching the truth on campaign literature. But of course if a challenge were mounted any change would be too late; the damage is done.  I guess that was the idea.

More than one candidate is spreading fear about what the current commission allows, or is planning.  One phone call to city hall would show what is untrue and that much is mandated by law with the commissioners having no say in the matter.

Candidates are promising to change things that they will have no control over, one vote out of 5 will not undo anything.

I have heard of threats against people who disagree with a candidate.  People who were phoned and brazenly warned to stop doing whatever it was that upset the candidate.  Should we really vote for someone who can get so worked up about an election that she would stoop that low?

How sad it is that we usually get ambitious driven people who have an eye toward personal gain, or people with too much baggage and something to prove either to themselves or others, running for office.  These are the people who sink to any depths to make sure of a win.

Rarely do we get someone who is running to do the right thing for their district and their city.  How sad.




  1. Welcome to the City of Deerfield Beach, the most corrupt town in Broward County.The one call to city hall doesn't apply to D2 residents, all we get fed is bullshit by city workers and adminstrators.

  2. Bett, you have shown your true colors. You and other SOB s who claim to be so ethical yet you did the most unethical of things by putting an abundance of campaign signs that are against city policy. I may not win; This is Caryl by the way and you woman are as unethical as anyone you ever felt was unethical. What a sad joke! You told me that its okay what Richard does that is unethical because he wants to win. ARE YOU FOR REAL ? Sadly, you are. Lotsa luck.

  3. Think of it this way. If you win, this will be the first time you've held a job in quite a number of years. Maybe you can stop collecting gov't assistance.

  4. Now you SOB's have to pucker up and kiss Jean Robb ass!

    1. Please keep in mind that this is MY blog, at least 3 if not more members of the OSOBs are voting for Jean Robb. Do not ass-ume that I speak for the OSOBs as a group, I do not, only myself.

  5. Robb wins in Deerfield Beach for all the right reasons...time to put the breaks on the City Hall syndicate. Noland first many more to go from the exclusive City Manager's club. Mike (HR) you will be next, Klopp are you nervous, its a great day. Who says there is no God. Great job Jean Robb.

    Bett you are clueless to the shady dealing of this administration and although I think you mean well you are stunningly misinformed

  6. The final count is...Peggy your arrogrance got you. Don't let the door hit you, leave it open, a few more will be going through that same door.

    Precincts Reporting
    36 of 36 Precincts Reporting
    Percent Votes
    Jean M. Robb 50.24% 2,774
    Peggy Noland 49.76% 2,747