Friday, March 15, 2013

Post Election post

Yay!  Richard!!

Richard Rosenzweig is the new commissioner from District 3.  For the first time in many years, District 3 has a commissioner who is dedicated to representing the interests of all the residents of his entire district.  I hope there is a large turnout for him for his swearing in ceremony on the 19th. 

I really had a hard time with this election, I am not sorry that Peggy will not be our mayor.  But I worry about getting the business of the city done with Jean in charge; I won’t go into the history of why I feel this way, suffice it to say I have reasons.  

I hope, as a friend assured me, that her “behavioral rough edges” are offset by her “position on issues”. And, I hope that by now, at her age, the “rough edges” have worn down somewhat.

If Jean realizes, and I hope she does, that she has to embrace all residents, not just the ones who supported her, I will champion her to the skies.

 She has to give to get. I hope she will be able to work collegially with her fellow commissioners, and disagree with them in a rational way. 

I am not a fan of a commission that is all kissy-poo and go-along with each other.  A commission should have spirited debate with strong feelings expressed on some issues; that is a healthy thing.  It shows that there is no behind the scenes collusion as I have suspected of former commissions. 

 However, expressing strong feelings about an issue does not mean personal attacks or demeaning another’s position. Our current commissioners are working to achieve this, I have seen great strides forward on this front, I would hate to see this devolve.

Commissioners set policy and staff carries out their wishes, I hope Jean will be able to work with staff and not try to micromanage the city, and I hope she will make the city better. I will wait and see.

I know one person who went to the polls and put a blank ballot in because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for either Jean or Peggy and didn’t want to blemish their perfect voting record. I understand the feeling, but I couldn't do that.

I have been told by more than one person that we are in for an interesting time.  Well, there is an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” 

I guess I agree with the Chinese, I would rather not live in interesting times.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sad Little Election in Deerfield Beach

When a person is running for office it seems everything takes a back seat to winning.  All’s fair in love, war and elections.

During this little local campaign for only 2 seats, Mayor and District 3 Commissioner I have seen and heard about some really nasty personal attacks and tactics.

A veteran candidate, who should know better, posted larger than legal signs and indicated that donations to her campaign would be deductible.

Yard and post signs were removed, stolen or trashed, fewer in this election than the last you say; perhaps, maybe some learned their lessons last election, but it is still a very low class action, this is not a game, it is not move-the-pink-plastic-flamingo-from-yard-to-yard, it is STEALING, and for candidates with limited campaign funds it is a large factor.   I believe that this reflects on the integrity of the candidate if his or her followers stoop to such tactics. Vote for the person whose signs are stolen, not the one who steals them.

At least one candidate is more than stretching the truth on campaign literature. But of course if a challenge were mounted any change would be too late; the damage is done.  I guess that was the idea.

More than one candidate is spreading fear about what the current commission allows, or is planning.  One phone call to city hall would show what is untrue and that much is mandated by law with the commissioners having no say in the matter.

Candidates are promising to change things that they will have no control over, one vote out of 5 will not undo anything.

I have heard of threats against people who disagree with a candidate.  People who were phoned and brazenly warned to stop doing whatever it was that upset the candidate.  Should we really vote for someone who can get so worked up about an election that she would stoop that low?

How sad it is that we usually get ambitious driven people who have an eye toward personal gain, or people with too much baggage and something to prove either to themselves or others, running for office.  These are the people who sink to any depths to make sure of a win.

Rarely do we get someone who is running to do the right thing for their district and their city.  How sad.