Saturday, February 2, 2013

Richard Rosenzweig for District 3

You can fall in love…can you fall in like? or fall in respect? or fall in admire?  If so, then I am falling in all of them with Richard Rosenzweig who is running for Deerfield Beach District 3 Commissioner. 

Unlike deciding on voting for mayor, which I am finding it impossible to do; the closer it comes to March 12, the more I find I cannot decide between two really questionable choices, Peggy or Jean.  The frying pan or the fire, a rock and a hard place, the lesser of two evils a choice that may well have me writing in Mickey Mouse. 

But, back to an easy choice, Richard Rosenzweig will bring a refreshing style to the dais.  He is soft spoken and I like that he thinks before he speaks.  I respect his strong core beliefs about what a government should be and about the responsibilities of elected officials.   I admire how he is able to facilitate cooperation.

Richard has a background in business and a long family history of public service.  I admire how he is able to make his opinions and even his disagreements known without being aggressive or rude and I like that he can be a mule when he is convinced he is in the right. 

I respect how he is talking not only about serving the voters in Century Village, but also about including the outer edges of District 3 who have just about given up voting in local elections as they don’t see any evidence of representation. I hope they wake up this time and get out and vote for someone that they will quickly learn to like, respect and admire.

I hope the all the voters of District 3 grab this chance to elect a representative who will do just that, represent them and will keep their wishes and issues foremost on his agenda.  Richard has no iffy history in Deerfield Beach to live down, just a desire to raise District 3 up. 

Look at his website and read about his background and what he wants to do for Deerfield Beach.  and then tell your friends.


  1. You know is it that you can pass judgment on everyone and everything without putting your money where your mouth is. Why don't you run for office? You seemed to know so much about everything....the answer....because it is easier to whine and complain than actually do something.

  2. Bett is entitled to her opinion. Get over her commentary

  3. But not her own set of facts.