Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nope, Not Jean.

There is no doubt now in my mind that I will NOT vote for Jean Robb.

I have been doing a lot of research, talking to friends, acquaintances, elected officials, city employees and strangers, as many as possible who have lived in Deerfield Beach for a long time. 

I talked to
·         people who are upset over being fired from their city jobs,
·         people who think the city looks great and is keeping costs down,
·         people who are unhappy with new fees,
·         people who believe the city is more responsive to residents needs and wishes than ever before,
·         people who think they are ignored by city hall,  
·         people who are overjoyed that their commissioners are easy to contact and are being responsive to their needs,
·         people who think the move to BSO by our firefighters was a mistake because it gives the Sheriff control over 50% of the city budget, and
·         people who are delighted with the money and pension costs that the BSO move is saving.

 All of which goes under the category of you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and proved to me that there are no unifying issues. 

Jean emailed me saying because she was endorsed by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors it would help me make a choice.  In part that was correct.  She also said that this group has no bias, I laugh!  Indeed this did help me.  That a realtor group favored her over Noland, who has a long tradition of being friendly to over-development, was indeed a deciding factor.  It also showed that she doesn't understand what I value. 


  1. Peggy's campaign finance reports show she's gotten $3,500 total from companies associated with the two big players currently competing for lucrative trash disposal contracts in Deerfield Beach and other Broward County cities. She's on the ballot for March. You SOB are a bunch of hypocrites. Peggy is another Al Capellini in a dress.

  2. Totally Agree! OSOB was always complaining about the people not being heard by their city commission, and that the mayor and commission always go ahead and do what they want without the approval of the voters. Now they are behind Noland who does exactly that. Robb with all her faults has always been for the people in the city.
    It's a no brainer that if you want your voice to be heard in what goes on in the city government, you will vote for Jean.

  3. Ditto ~ I agree I would rather vote for Al Capellini than Peggy Noland ~ Based upon Noland's lack of character and her proven examples of having benefited herself rather than the citizens, Robb is a better choice for this city.

  4. It is quite apparent, given the bold lies, misstatements, and duplicity readily on display, Jean Robb represents one, and only one interest. That being, her prurient need to become mayor.

    For 2 decades, the voters of Deerfield have resoundingly said no to another Robb administration. And in two weeks, they'll tell her again... No thank you.

  5. This is the most contradicting post in the history of the Internet. So out of all the people you talked about above that have problems with the city. Your reason to not vote for Jean is because a Realtor group that favors over development backed her.

    Lets rephrase your thought. You're totally ok with the city doing whatever they want, ignoring everyone for the sake of one Realtor group. Talk about a grudge.