Friday, January 4, 2013

New Job for Sudler?

From the backpedaling by some commissioners and lukewarm reception from the overflow crowd at Wednesday’s special Deerfield Commission meeting about the creation of a Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management it is my guess that it will die a quick death. 

I don’t expect to see the proposed public input workshop on the calendar at any time.  If the idea was as good as the PowerPoint made it out to be I would expect the commissioners to have the courage of their convictions and be vigorous in their support of it, that didn’t happen. 

When he takes office, Sheriff Israel will have to present three candidates to City Manager Hanson for approval, one of them will be chosen and we will then see how many of the programs improved and initiated by former Chief Pete Sudler will continue. Perhaps they will - seamlessly - perhaps not.  I hear Israel is touted as being a hard line law and order person, and he may not think touchy feely programs such as neighborhood outreach and college scholarships are the role of the BSO.

The audience at Wednesday’s meeting was unhappy on many levels, that they were not allowed to address the commission and voice their concerns, that, as they were led to expect by emails from many neighborhood sources, the meeting was not about a way to get Sudler back as chief, After they got there they realized the meeting seemed to be about how to create a non-chief, city based job for Sudler.  Not that that was said in so many words.

 Joe Miller’s off the cuff reference to Sudler and the input he got from community organizations made the Mayor’s assertion that the discussion was not about Sudler somewhat spurious. Bill Ganz tried to bring some “sunshine” into the meeting and questioned the motive behind the proposal.  He is right in that most of the things on the many paged job description list are city needs.  Ben Preston clearly was not convinced this was the way to go, and brought up concerns from his district.   Commissioner Popelsky was concerned this was putting the cart before the horse; that it may turn out that the new regime would turn out to do the job needed.  

I was leaning toward this being a good idea, but needed to be convinced; this meeting surely didn’t do it.


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