Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deerfield Beach Election Rumors

(Don't miss Jeff Sayles' post on the election:  www.deerfieldbeachusa.com )

I heard a rumor that the Original Save Our Beach PAC was supporting Robb.  NOT TRUE! 

The OSOBs are an issues PAC and by charter are not permitted to endorse candidates.  So to say as a group that they support a candidate is false. 

It might be said that a particular OSOB member is supporting a candidate.  A member, not acting as a spokesperson for the group can, of course, voice their opinion.  I may have been heard to say, "In my opinion, of the two running for Mayor,  the better for the city (as hard as that might be to believe) would be Peggy Noland."  But that in no way means all OSOBs think that way, or that we have consensus, or endorse either candidate for Mayor. 

How do these rumors get started?  My guess is that at the commission meeting last Tuesday someone saw Jean Robb talk to me and inferred an endorsement.  What a riot, Jean was asking me about an email from the Woman's Club.  Small minded people love to spread gossip so this wholly fabricated impossible rumor went viral.

Many OSOB members worked to get Ben Preston elected in the last election, but they did that as individuals, not as a committee.  Some may work for a candidate in this upcoming election and, as hard as it is to see the people who are so strongly identified with the OSOB group working for a candidate and NOT surmise that the committee has made an endorsement, that is the reality. 

So, let's get this perfectly clear, if you hear that Bett Willett, (co-president of the OSOBs) supports someone, ask me if it is true and I might tell you, but that DOES NOT mean the OSOBs support  that candidate. 

Believe me, you will know when the OSOBs have an issue and a cause they support, we shout it from the rooftops, you may have noticed that the OSOBs don't hide their opinions on issues.


  1. You are a significant City leader and I am compelled to comment. I understand that considering Jean Robb as Mayor may be problematic for some, yet I believe that Ms. Robb always provided her leadership honestly and opennly, without any motive of personal benefit. I think this is Ms Robb's strength as she runs against Noland for this important election. As Ms. Robb has pointed out, the FD merger enriched the Noland family in an exceptional manner but that was not only for the Noland family but for other "special" DBFR employees as well. No solid figures exist as to the savings that occurred from the merger, now and into the future. No audit has been done to evaluate this question and no information will be forth coming with Peggy Noland as Mayor. If Ms Robb does not win the election, when the BSO contract comes up for ratification in 3 years, your City will not be prepared and will be required to accept whatever BSO wants. If Ms. Robb wins and serves as Mayor, the public will get a review of the Utility tax AND it will get the audit it should have gotten before the merger. A proper audit will allow the discussion of what really happenned and what, if anything, can be done about it when the option comes before the City in 2016. Now that Mr. Isreal has appointed former DBFR Fire Chief Tony Stravino as the Fire Chief of Broward County Fire Rescue, Deerfield has no chance at an honest evaluation. I submit that you reconsider who you select to lead you into this coming 4 years as that decision will set the course for the City forever. I support Jean Robb for Mayor and her desire to honestly review the Utility Tax and the FD merger and to set this City back onto the right direction for the right reasons.

  2. Significant City Leader?