Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sudler Gone, OMG!! Canned by the new Sheriff

Chief Pete Sudler was told, I hear, if he didn’t resign by January 8th, he would be fired.   My phone has been ringing all day; Deerfield Beach residents are looking for their figurative pitchforks with which to storm Scott Israel’s office.  Everyone asks, "What can we do to get him back?"

OK, the new broom sweeps clean, but there is such a thing as common sense management.  Even the President of the United States kept some Republicans on as he saw they were doing excellent work. 

Well, Pete Sudler is nothing short of excellent. 

One resident told me he posted this on Sheriff Israel’s Facebook page:
“Dear Sheriff elect Israel,
I have been a part-time resident of Deerfield Beach since 1979 – full-time and a Florida voter since 1985. In all that time, Deerfield Beach has never had a more effective chief of police. Not only do we know that we are safer, in just a little over two years he has he has made powerful strides toward unity in our city. He is a remarkably skillful communicator — social worker.
His summary dismissal through one of your campaign supporters is tearing our community apart. I have spoken with our city commissioners and with the mayor, none of whom were aware that you were going to take this action.
I am one of many many citizens who would like to know for what reasons you could take such action without consulting with the leaders of our city.
We await your reply. Thanks."
When I contacted Ron Gunzburger, (General Counsel-designate, on behalf of
Broward County Sheriff-elect Scott J. Israel)
 this is what he emailed me: 
“This was a decision made by the Sheriff-elect, upon consultation with community leaders, elected officials and his own incoming Command Staff leaders. We are appreciative of Chief Sudler's service to Broward County, but the new administration is simply moving in another direction. Be assured, nothing will ever be done to compromise the safety of the community. When the Sheriff-elect reveals the name of his choice for the new Chief, we believe the community will be very excited about and supportive of the person.”

As far as I can determine Israel only talked with Mayor Peggy Noland who tried to convince him not to fire Sudler.

I don’t see the community being excited about the new Chief, no matter who the “person” is, all we see is disappointment that the kids' programs, the outreach, and goodwill engendered by Chief Sudler is being flushed down the drain.
How many years will it take to get back to that level in the off chance that the new “person” is anywhere as good as Chief Sudler?  We shouldn’t have to wait years for what we have right now. 


  1. Our reply "You're IN. It's not for us to give you a chance with your team. It is for US to expect a response to our original question. "For what reasons you could take such action against our Chief of Police Sudler without consulting with the leaders of our city AS YOU HAD PROMISED TO DO?" My original message to you seems to have disappeared.

    1. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel commented on his Wall post.

      Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel wrote: "You will like your new Chief even better! Give us a chance to put our team in place to move BSO forward."

    2. Bett, Just a reminder, it was Bill Murray that started the PAL programs and Chief Jay Fernandez who more than doubled the program from two to five sports, built the PAL center above the fire stsation, assigned Harold to Westside Park, ended the open violence between the Haitian and the African Americans, created specialized units to address the drugs in the community. Chief Sudler simple rode his coat tails and stabbed him in the back with Peggy Nolans full support. Chief Fernandez was shown the door and he did the professional thing and resigned and has moved on. Chief Sudler is to coward to do the right thing.

  2. Its funny none of you complained when the city fired personell over the last 2 years, why now?

  3. The Sheriff has the right to bring in his own people. Give him a chance. I also heard that Donna Council was fired as BSO Purchasing Manager.

  4. The people fired from BSO:

    Here are the names of the employees who can either resign before Jan. 8 or be terminated under Sheriff-elect Scott Israel:

    Major Randy Smith
    Director Kristina Gullick
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    Captain Walter Laun
    Captain Louis Fontanazza
    Captain Mary Kopp
    Director Teddy Meisel
    Director Debra Lesniak
    Manager Bridget Walsh
    Chief Neal DeJesus
    Liaison Alan Berkowitz
    Grants Dir. Michael Somberg
    Liaison Danielle DiNicola
    Dir. Donna Council
    Lt. Col. Louis Cavallo
    Chief Peter Sudler
    Chief Marc Dugay
    Capt. James Fondo
    Commander William Robshaw
    Capt. Milton Wiener
    Col. Timothy Gillette
    Lt. Col. Richard Reilly
    Commander Brian Jerome
    Major Larry Rogers
    EEO Dir Verenda Daniels
    Liaison Dean Williams
    Communications Mgr. Kim Rubio
    Site Mgr. Anne Bukata
    Commander Michael Calderin

    Copyright © 2012, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

  5. Bett, you dont the ins-and-outs of the workings at the BSO Deerfield District. Sudler is not the great person whom you believe him to be. He is very self serving and vindictive. Deerfield Beach was once a district that received many transfer requests to get to. Now the transfers are to leave all because of Sudler. Just as the other poster said. Sudler rode the coat tails of Fernandez.

    1. Burgess and Peggy ----When Pete Sudler went as far as taking a picture of Isreal, drawing a circle with a line throught it, all the while laughing that Isreal is a joke, what did you really expect??? Would you even think about keeping anyone employed that did that to you????

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. I think it's refreshing to have someone at the helm that may not protect the Noland clan as has been done in the past but may actually go by the book and uphold law and order.
      Imagine the Commission not having complete control? I read a rather stupid comment by a rather stupid person ..... 2/3 of DB voted for Israel. Did this person survey the 2/3rds to see if they wanted Sudler to stay or if they trusted Israel's decision? I''ve liked all the police chiefs we've had in DB. I trust I''ll like the new chief as well.

    4. It was not 2/3, not even close. The vote was 14,035 Lamberti, 13,422 Israel.

      Israel won 11 precincts: 7, 10, 15, 18, 19, 24, 31, 35, 37, 38, and 39. 18 and 19 were 49-51 percent splits.

    5. Correction: Lamberti 14,035 and Israel 13,879. Israel also won precinct 16, where he won by two votes, 81-79.

  6. I want Burgess and Peggy to explain the personel decisions made over the last 3 years in Deerfield Beach. Look at all the employees fired or laid off by this regime with hardley any second guessing from the S.O.B. Or almost any other residents besides Jean Robb or Caryl Berner. Lamberti said no one person is bigger than the Broward Sheriff Office. Pete Sudler is no different. If that's true about Sudler drawing a circle with a line through Israel, what the heck do you expect?

  7. You can always count on Deerfield Beach politicians/activist to put this city in the news in a negative light.You're gonna flood city hall to protest the firing of one man. What has this beautiful city come to? Pete Sudler should not have never been the district chief anyway, Granville should have been the chief but Lamberti racist ways hampered that decision.Sudler was not well liked as the SOB's and other residents think. He hindered Granville efforts keeping him shining a seat with his butt in the office, then finally having him shipped off.

  8. Be careful what you wish for. Israel has more baggage than a hobo on a train from N.Y. to Florida. A racist? Where does this garbage come from? You're probably the first to call BSO when the crack dealers are in front of your house. Pete has been nothing but professional as has the rest of district 10 BSO. When crime was rampant in our neighborhood they had manpower like we've never seen before, and when the trap was set BSO pounced like the pros they are. We may not save Pete!s job but we don't have to sit silent

  9. Checked with Al Capellini this morning. He had the charges against Peggy's son dropped because in his words " why should he have a criminal record over this". Get your facts straight before you accuse someone.

    1. Why....cause he did something criminal, that's why and his mom was running for office. That makes it worse. The seed doesn't fall far from the apple. And look who helped. Capellini is looking for someone to get him off the hook like he got the kid off the hook.

  10. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls of every age. Welcome to the circus called the City of Deerfield Beach, where all the politicians are crooked.

    1. It's BROWARD COUNTY not Deerfield Beach. And it all reigns down on Florida… always look at the whole picture to fix things. Or waste your time on minuscule BS.. youll never recuperate your time lost.

  11. I'm hearing that a special meeting was called on Wednesday to give Pete Sudler a job as the Laison for the city. What a damn shame all the employees that had to take a 5% pay cut and now the city wants to employ Sudler.

    1. I agree. The city cries no money, put in new taxes, cut employees pay but they can find a new position at $150k and rationalize this is due to the Ohio school tragedy!
      One might think this will be a priority for BSO. This "position" can't direct BSO what to do so do we really have " $150k to spare just because we like Sudler? I think all the firemen should be up in arms that they have to pay 10 percent extra. Really, what is wrong with this picture? Interesting that Mahaney founded this position for Fernandez when the commission booted this police chief out for doing his job.

    2. What's wrong witht he Picture.. is that they run the circus show… go see who runs Broward County? Thats a total anti-trust violation… sue sue sue sue sue and DOX DOX DOX DOX