Monday, December 31, 2012

Special Commission Meeting "Public Safety" and Sudler

Below is an email, forwarded to me, with more information from the Cove Neighborhood Watch about special Deerfield Beach Commission Meetings being called about safety and Chief Sudler. 

The first meeting is January 2, 6:30 at City Hall.  I hope everyone goes to the meetings.  The second one, Jan. 15,  is for Public Input.  I have some questions I hope will be answered about the creation of an Emergency Management Department.  
  • As much as I like the Chief and want him back, should we be creating a department just so he can have a job, is this the reason, is this a knee-jerk reaction?
  • Is this department/job creation a reflection of the lack of confidence our commissioners have about the new Sheriff? 
  • If BSO liaison is part of the job, could he be effective considering the problems between him and Israel? 
  • Was this department in the planning before he was told he would be fired?
  • Is it in reaction to the Ohio/Connecticut School shootings or is this a rationalization? 
  • Wouldn't the Board of Ed be the one to pay to increase school safety; don't we already do part of their job by paying for a school safety officer?  
  • Exactly what is the thinking behind the creation of the department/job?
  • Shouldn't we have another tactical team (Sudler was asking for this) or another cop on the beat, if we have that kind of money?   
  • Will city residents be happy to hear this solution, or mad about the expense?  
I will attend to hear the details so I can make up my mind, just now all I have are questions and a suspicion that it doesn’t seem to pass the smell test.
From: DFB Cove Neighborhood Watch
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 5:36 PM
Subject: DFB Cove Neighborhood Watch Update

Good afternoon-

Here is the latest update I have on Chief Sudler-

As some of you have read in this week's Observer, a Special Commission Meeting is scheduled for Jan 2nd at 6:30pm to discuss, in light of the recent shootings around the nation, a creation of a Public Safety Dept. to oversee the emergency management and infrastructure security. The removal of Chief Sudler will also be discussed. The Chief will be there, but they will not be allowing residents to speak. This would be a great chance to show Chief Sudler your support and appreciation of what he has done for our community.

There will also be a regular City Council Meeting on Jan 15th at 6:55pm in which Chief Sudler and his family will attend and he will be speaking. Sheriff Scott Israel will also be attendance and will be introduced to the city as the new Sheriff. Any person wanting to speak will be able to if you do a request to the city in advance. (Please do so as soon as possible). This will be the second meeting on the proposed Department of Public Safety.

Unfortunately, with the loss of Chief Sudler we have lost our updates and direct updates on what is happening in the Cove through BSO. If you know of a crime that has happened in the neighborhood, feel free to email me and I will pass it along to the other residents.

Thank you for all your support and if I hear of any other updates, I will pass it along.

 Best,  Michelle  (Head of the Cove Neighborhood Watch)


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  1. With all due respect, it seems someone has dropped the ball if you''re not getting updates as you once were. There is a second and third in command who, one would hope, should know what's been going on until a new chief is put in place. Shame on everyone if procedures are not in place to have a smooth transition.