Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deerfield Beach's new Pier Restaurant hits a HOME RUN!

The pier renovation ribbon cutting was on Friday, it was jammed with people, mobs all the way out to A1A; it was super to see.  The Original Save Our Beach committee ( OSOB)  got a big thank-you from both Vice Mayor Bill Ganz and Mayor Peggy Noland at the dedication ceremony. Without us, they both said, this would not have been possible.

A big HOORAY to the city for carrying this out; a bigger HOORAY to the residents of the city for forcing the city to do what the people wanted. 

It was refreshing to see another city project carried out that had the commission considering the results of resident input; looks like we have a winning streak going with the Cove Shopping Center and now the pier. The OSOBs and people like us will keep an eye on this commission and future commissions to make sure they continue to do what is right.

The design of the new restaurant is perfect; the architect hit a home run.  It is a pleasing combination of upscale design and down home beachy atmosphere.  The upper deck is nothing short of breathtaking, I can’t wait to get my lunch and go up there; the view will make anything from a bagged lunch to a bought feast taste better.   They are catering to the wet bathing suit beach crowd so families on the beach will have a really superb new place to eat and picnic.

Because the OSOBs and Bill Ganz prevented the city from putting dune grass and high dunes along our main beach like in Del Ray and on our south beach which blocks the view, we have a great view of the ocean for a mile on our main beach and, thanks to the new restaurant and pier renovation we now can see the ocean from the street all down the length of the pier.
When Kelly's was there we saw less of the ocean than we can now. Then the pier was blocked, and we now have a great family restaurant on our beach that will make us proud.  Also, we have retained the parking for the fisherman which was a major consideration of the residents, and supported by Commissioner Ben Preston, an avid fisherman.
 I have heard grumbles from some that the new restaurant is more over-development, well, many things have been done that OSOB is not happy about, but this is not one of them.  The beach and CRA area would be a million times worse had it not been for us and those commissioners who cared about the wants and wishes of the people of Deerfield. Go to to see a history of our beach.

Perhaps if those who are complaining now had been this concerned 10 years ago, some of the development they keep carping about might not have happened.  But their saying we had a better view before the pier restaurant renovation just doesn’t ring true.  It seems those people are living in a past of their own imagination.
A resident, who has lived here for almost 28 years, told me that there was never a view of the ocean from across the street. Before Oceans 234, there was the Ranch House and before J.B.'s, there was a gas station.  The pier structure, also, was there, at least from the '70's, if not before. He said Flanagan's was a ramshackle biker bar and the site where the office building is now was a dumpy row of fast-food joints.

Of course instead of Oceans 234 or JBs, a park-like area would have been better, that was once proposed, but it didn't come to pass. It's water under the bridge, irreversible. The pier is great. Let's move on. The commission did a good job with the new pier and the restaurant. Let's move on. Past commissions made some mistakes, no question. BUT, let's move on.

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