Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deerfield Beach Pier - Restaurant Redux – Ridiculous!

 AGAIN!  Some people just can’t take rejection; good sportsmanship says when you lose, bow out gracefully but when $$$$$ are in the mix that doesn’t happen. 

 First Eco-Eatery Inc. which couldn’t follow directions in the proposal took up city time and money by protesting their elimination. Now the BurgerFi people are doing the same thing because the commissioners dared to second guess a staff committee. Suck it up, guys and forget it!!

The staff ranked the candidates for the pier restaurant then the commission looked at the ranking but with the residents’ wishes in their minds they saw that the top staff-ranked candidate BurgerFi (really not a good name for a Deerfield Beach pier restaurant) didn’t live up to expectations.  

Our commissioners did the right thing.  They looked over the three finalists for the running of the pier restaurant.  Keep in mind that the residents of the area, in meetings and workshops made it abundantly clear that they wanted above all:

·         A small family and fisherman friendly place

·         a place where early beach goers and fishermen could get a traditional breakfast

·         a decor that would reflect the beach area, not ultra-modern

·         a menu priced for young families’ pocketbooks

The BurgerFi menu in their proposal was very light on breakfast items, (fishermen I know usually don’t want bananas and yogurt.)  Their current protest that they would be glad to offer regular breakfasts couldn’t fairly be considered as the choice must be made on the presentations given.  Hey, guys you didn’t do your homework, or read the fine print in the RFP.  Imagine if a vendor could tweak and add and alter and reword their RFP at will.  No choice could ever be made.

The pier redesign hit a home run, upper decks, sail like awnings, outdoor seating and, above all, a small footprint.  Of the 3 mediocre restaurant presentations, the commission picked the one closest to the wishes of the residents.  Isn’t that what being a commissioner is all about? 

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