Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deerfield Beach Cafe - the OSOB Vision

It has been a long hard fight.  The former owner of Kelly's was approved for a place that would have been twice as large as what we have now, I am glad he never built it. Then we had a proposal by Pete Boinis for an over 18,000 sq. ft. monster banquet hall.  The OSOB committee and others in the city took to the streets, to defeat that proposal.  That would have been the kiss of death for the beach.

 The city then (with a giant push from the residents) undertook to renovate the pier and find someone to run it.  The pier restaurant will be “The Deerfield Beach Café”.  It is not the company the appointed search committee chose. 

Looking over the choices some of our Commissioners were not happy with the committee’s top choice, they wanted to make sure the pier restaurant was reflective of what the people who  live here want, a family friendly, "beachy" restaurant. They were not certain that the “BurgerFi” was the one that would reflect that aim.  (What kind of name is BurgerFi for our pier restaurant; just for the name alone I would have axed them.) 

So, the Commissioners decided to look over the 3 proposals themselves and rank them with the people of the city and the results of the public workshops in mind.

Remember those workshop meetings and what we said, NO upscale pricy restaurant, but a place to go with the kids in a wet bathing suit and flip-flops.

 I didn't get a chance to look over the proposals but I heard that the BurgerFi was slim on breakfast offerings. All three proposals were OK, but the decision to go with the Cafe was unanimous, and, that is a good thing. 

We now will have a small Deerfield Beach owned restaurant which will bring in revenue.  I am all for this and think it is a great deal for the city and the taxpayer.

The money spent was CRA money, earmarked for capital improvements in the CRA area and couldn't be spent anywhere else, what better use of the money than this cozy beach restaurant that will serve the families on the beach with not only a place to buy food, but a really nice deck to bring their picnic lunches to eat if they like, or just a place to sit and look at the ocean.

To see how closely the OSOB vision for a pier restaurant   is to the new project go to: 


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