Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letter to the Editor from Pam Militello

The new, beautiful, family friendly Deerfield Beach pier facility will soon have its grand opening.
Let’s not forget that back in 2004, we nearly lost this public treasure to an individual who almost got a 54 year lease on the pier property and was going to build an 18,000 square foot massive restaurant and banquet facility right at the pier entrance.
The members of the Deerfield Beach Original Save Our Beach committee (“OSOB”) found out about this and sprang into action to protect the pier. We fought a long hard battle to prevent this “taking” of our public property.
We had the full support of the people of Deerfield Beach, who were adamantly against the idea of giving away our pier area.
Due to our love of the beach and pier area and our firm belief it needed to be preserved for future generations, we fought the battle and the residents won.

So, as the city and its residents celebrate the opening of the new pier facility, remember that if it had not been for the “OSOB” committee and our supporters, this beautiful, family friendly pier facility would only be a dream.

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