Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letter to the Editor from Pam Militello

The new, beautiful, family friendly Deerfield Beach pier facility will soon have its grand opening.
Let’s not forget that back in 2004, we nearly lost this public treasure to an individual who almost got a 54 year lease on the pier property and was going to build an 18,000 square foot massive restaurant and banquet facility right at the pier entrance.
The members of the Deerfield Beach Original Save Our Beach committee (“OSOB”) found out about this and sprang into action to protect the pier. We fought a long hard battle to prevent this “taking” of our public property.
We had the full support of the people of Deerfield Beach, who were adamantly against the idea of giving away our pier area.
Due to our love of the beach and pier area and our firm belief it needed to be preserved for future generations, we fought the battle and the residents won.

So, as the city and its residents celebrate the opening of the new pier facility, remember that if it had not been for the “OSOB” committee and our supporters, this beautiful, family friendly pier facility would only be a dream.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flori-duh elections again!

  Why all the trouble.  Who’s to blame?    Were the elections supervisors ready for an onslaught of 60% of registered voters coming out to vote?  Isn’t it sad that 60% is considered a large number of voters?

 What happened?  Don’t blame the election supervisors; it was Gov. Scott and the legislators who messed it up; here’s how:

·         Putting 11 (almost 12) Looooooong amendments on the ballot.  NONE of the proposals should be in the constitution; the three that passed were feel good proposals that would have done perfectly well as laws, not constitutional amendments.  Long ballots are time consuming both by the voter reading it over (some for the first time if you can believe that!) and time consuming by the time it takes to scan the pages, often causing the machine to jam.

·         Changes from the legislature that caused more provisional and absentee ballots for example, people who had changed their home address couldn’t cast a regular vote. Both kinds of ballots take much more time to scrutinize.

·         Governor Scott (we need to vote him out) cutting early voting days (14 to 8) and refusing to extend them when the numbers zoomed.  Supervisors, to their credit, tried to alleviate that by allowing walk-in voters to submit absentee ballots, again a time consuming solution.

·         Tons more absentee ballots to count because of the short early voting days. The Sun Sentinel reported that in Broward, 761,072 people voted this year compared with 739,861 in the last presidential election in 2008. But the county had to count 168,170 absentee ballots — 30,000 more than four years ago.

Incoming Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford told a Tallahassee radio host Friday that he and his fellow lawmakers might be responsible.

ROTFLMAO…MIGHT be, no maybe about it, they were the culprits, read over the text of the amendments and see their agenda.   Good bye environment, good bye women’s privacy, sayonara health care, toodles to fixing our infrastructure, hello to zooming property taxes, ta-ta impartial judges, ciao quality schools.

So, our legislature was salivating over the prospect of all those stick-it-in-the-eye of everyone who isn’t big business proposals passing and didn’t give a thought to how voting on a ballot that long and confusing would be implemented.  They did make a good run at disenfranchising a large segment of the voters. 

Our elected officials go so fast from election promises to SERVE the residents to sticking it to them.  But this time the voters got the last laugh, and saw through most of the amendments for what they were.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is the Price of Sprawl?

The website “Price of Sprawl”  has been expanded and has many more cities.  Visit the site to see how much the population would increase if build-out occurred, (read the difference between built out and build out) how much land is vacant, how much water is available, property value increase or decrease, spending on education, and road costs.    Go to the Price of Sprawl website, point your curser to one of the buttons on the map of Florida to get the data for a particular city.   For the information in an easy to read table: