Friday, October 12, 2012

Scam ignored, BSO not interested.

We got a phone call from a Dr. Benjamin 231-709-9420 who told us that we had won $3,500,000 and a Mercedes, after he tried to get $10,000 front money and having us talk to an “IRS agent” he settled on having us go to Wal-Mart and buy four $500 gift cards which we would give them when they showed up with the check and the car.  The contact person was Daniel Walters, 218 E. 217th St., in the Bronx.  Of course we knew it was a scam and wrote all the particulars down so we could report it to the police. They made it seem so real that some people might be taken in.

We called BSO, and they were NOT interested, they just said don’t talk to them.  They didn’t want the information.  I am confused about this.  Why wouldn’t they want to arrest the scammers. When we showed up to collect our phony check and stolen Mercedes wouldn’t that be a perfect opportunity to lock the Florida based group up?  Are the ranks of BSO so thin that they have to pick and choose what crime to investigate? 

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