Wednesday, October 31, 2012

About the Bid Protest by Boinis trying to get his proposal put back into the mix for the running of the new Deerfield Beach Pier Restaurant.

  At Monday’s special Deerfield Beach Commission meeting Pete Boinis’ lawyer tried to convince the commissioners that it didn’t make any difference that there was no letter from a bank in his proposal stating that the bank would issue a letter of credit.  He tried to make the request for that letter seem irrelevant, and he did it with a PowerPoint presentation and hammering away at all the “stuff” he did have in the RFP and how, even though the RFP clearly called for a letter, it really didn’t matter that his client hadn’t included one. 
David Santucci, Purchasing Manager for Deerfield Beach was masterful in his rebuttal, he left no room for argument that Boinis’s proposal was in error and incomplete, and therefore had to be thrown out.  The rules gave the city no choice. 

He not only explained the process the staff went through vetting the proposals, but read portions of the minutes of the pre-proposal meeting.  He read over and over how the restaurant representatives were told what must be in the RFP.  The letter was mentioned many times, and as a wrap up he read the warnings from Andy Maurodis, city attorney, to all present that each item called for must be included, that it is up to the respondent to look through the proposal for the items and include them even if they were not touched on in the meeting. 

During Santucci’s presentation, both Boinis and his lawyer looked dismayed as well they might.  However, there was a court reporter there typing away to have a record of the hearing which is needed if there is going to be a suit against the city.  So, this may not be over. I hope he decides that he has no chance and won’t sue, as he has cost the city enough money.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deerfield Beach Beware! You will not believe this!

OK everyone; get your symbolic pitchforks in tune for the special commission meeting at 6:30 Monday, October 29.  Chucky Boinis is back and stirring the pot again.  Deerfield Beach, in no uncertain terms, told him no, about his idea for a monster pier restaurant and then the city spent over $500,000 buying his little spit of land on the beach to get rid of him completely, or so we thought.

We now have an brand new, “Old Florida" style, restaurant that will be for beach goers - hot  dogs and burgers, wet bathing suits and sandy flip flops as a dress code; cute as the dickens, but not a pricy upscale eatery.  We have enough of them on the beach already.

Who’s going to run this little operation is now the decision being made. 

Requests for Proposals went out and there were a handful of returns.  Following city guidelines, the RFPs were opened and checked.  Those with missing or incorrect data were tossed, and the others were ranked as to suitability.  The top 3 will get to do an in person presentation then a final decision will be made.

So, what’s the problem?  Well, some people think the rules don’t apply to them, or they just like to spend city money and time whining about how they are being picked on because they don’t know how to read directions.  Who knows? 

Two of the companies which were “unresponsive”, meaning not fulfilling the requirements of the RFP have filed a protest against the city, and Pete Boinis’ outfit is one of them.
What a jerk.  Hasn’t he caused enough trouble on the beach with his stupid no trespassing signs and his demands for an outrageous amount for his strip of sand?  I wouldn’t hire him to run a concession stand let alone a restaurant.  Remember this new restaurant is a LEEDS restaurant with a “green” focus, what is Pete’s record on the environment? 

Hmmmm.  He:

·         Proposed a monstrosity on our beach with no regard for what it would do to the surroundings or the quality of life of the residents.

·         He said he was considering donating the strip of beach he owned to the city.  But after he was turned down for his massive project he stonewalled.  Then he put a ring of no trespassing signs around it totally unconcerned about the harm he was doing to the city, until he convinced enough wishy washy commissioners to give him his price.  

(If it had been me in charge he would have had to keep paying taxes on it until he came to his senses and gave it to the city.  There was nothing anyone could do with the land anyway; in effect it was worth $0.  Yes we would have had to wait a little while to redo the pier, but it would have been worth it.)

Now he has the nerve to apply to run the restaurant.

 He didn’t respond fully to the RFP.  End of discussion, he’s out, reading directions may not be his strong point, but should be something someone who wants to run a business is good at.  Bye-bye Pete. 

Oops a bid protest from him.  Huh?  What good does he think that will do? Ah, well at least his lawyer will be benefitting from this, certainly neither he nor the city will.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scam ignored, BSO not interested.

We got a phone call from a Dr. Benjamin 231-709-9420 who told us that we had won $3,500,000 and a Mercedes, after he tried to get $10,000 front money and having us talk to an “IRS agent” he settled on having us go to Wal-Mart and buy four $500 gift cards which we would give them when they showed up with the check and the car.  The contact person was Daniel Walters, 218 E. 217th St., in the Bronx.  Of course we knew it was a scam and wrote all the particulars down so we could report it to the police. They made it seem so real that some people might be taken in.

We called BSO, and they were NOT interested, they just said don’t talk to them.  They didn’t want the information.  I am confused about this.  Why wouldn’t they want to arrest the scammers. When we showed up to collect our phony check and stolen Mercedes wouldn’t that be a perfect opportunity to lock the Florida based group up?  Are the ranks of BSO so thin that they have to pick and choose what crime to investigate?