Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shame on Mayor John Rodstrom

Broward County Mayor John Rodstrom has proposed that the code of ethics be changed. This is the agenda item he is proposing.
MOTION TO DIRECT Office of the County Attorney to draft an Ordinance amending Section 1-19 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances (the Broward County Elected Official Code of Ethics) to delete Section 1-19(c)(6), which, with limited exceptions applicable to municipal elected officials, prohibits elected officials from serving as or appointing the members of any Selection/Evaluation Committee in connection with any prospective procurement by the elected official’s governmental entity. (Mayor Rodstrom)
This is the email I sent him:
Shame on you for even considering rescinding any of the ethics code. This type of thinking is exactly why a code is needed. Did the mandated ethics classes not sink in. Do you not know what a commissioner is supposed to do - REPRESENT THE RESIDENTS, not the lobbyists, not the interests of the commissioner him/herself, this cannot be news to you. So I am left with the only reason that any commissioner would want to be on a selection committee, why he or she would want to override staff recommendations, it must be personal benefit, perhaps a job opportunity after the next election, perhaps donations for some future office, but there is some personal reason. Sad that an elected official, term limited or not, puts personal interest ahead of ethics and doing the right thing. REMOVE THIS FROM THE AGENDA NOW!!!!

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