Thursday, September 6, 2012

Help for Voters

Need help wading through the glut of voter information, and some pros and cons on the Amendments for the upcoming election.  This may help. 

It's a link to the League of Women Voters’ Voter Guide, they say:

This Voter Guide will give you nonpartisan information on the statewide candidates and the 11 constitutional amendments on the Florida ballot.

 Do the research you have time for and simply make the best choice you can. Otherwise, you will allow others to make the decision for you. And it is a decision that affects the future of Florida’s economy, jobs, housing, health care, education, natural resources and families. America is the land of opportunity and relies on you, as a citizen, to help pick our leaders.”

 In this Voter Guide, you will find information on all three branches of government: executive (U.S. President), legislative (U.S. Senate) and judicial (Florida Supreme Court).

Candidates were asked to submit either a vision statement (U.S. President) or responses to the League’s questionnaire (U.S. Senate). Questions for the candidates were developed by League members using knowledge of recent events and issues that are important to Florida voters.

Candidate’s submissions were published without substantive changes.

Closer to home here is a link to the Broward County Supervisor of Election’s look up page where you can determine your voter status, or using the links on the left, find out all about voting in Broward cities.

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