Monday, August 6, 2012

Heeeeeee’s baaaack. Boinis that is, not Chucky.

What’s Pete Boinis up to now?

City hall better get ready for an angry pitchfork toting crowd picketing if Boinis is awarded the contract for the Pier restaurant. 

Hard to believe, but his is one of the outfits who submitted a proposal. 

Remember Pete Boinis, he paid $200,000 for the spit of sand under the beach toilets by the pier. He supposedly said he would donate the property to the city. He wanted to turn our pier into a giant banquet hall restaurant, building it high and wide and covering the whole fishing parking lot.

BUT, after his monster restaurant idea was shot down he was stuck with the little property. There was nothing he could do with it, it couldn’t be built on or used for anything, so he wanted the city to buy it from him. 

The commission balked at his price (He refused to take the $310,000 grant amount.  He wouldn’t sell for less than $510,000.)  So, he put no trespassing signs up around his property in a stupid ploy to force the city into buying it from him. 

The commission caved in.  Residents were furious, and Boinis laughed all the way to the bank.  He had no problem squeezing the city for the extra money.  The pier renovations couldn’t start without that property and I am sure he knew it. 

He should have donated the land, at worst, he should have taken the two hundred grand it cost him.  But no, I guess he was mad and wanted revenge.

Now he wants the city to award him a contract.  Get real!!!

Proposals from:

1) Class Act LLC

(2) Red Barron Entertainment

(3) DH2 Incorporated

(4) Give me a Burger Incorporated

(5) Eco-Eatery Inc. – Pete Boinis

(6) Brewzzi Incorporated.

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  1. I say give Pete a chance, he might have changed his stripes.