Saturday, August 4, 2012


The Salvation Army needs help.

We are waiting for the Deerfield Beach Commission to set a policy on clothing donation bins so donations can be made in our city.  But right now the Salvation Army is in trouble, and they can’t wait.

I received a note from Jim Moyer the donations director and he said,

“…clothing donations at this point in the summer are virtually nonexistent.  We (the Salvation Army) will probably have to send people in our clothes sorting department home early for the first time ever…”

The closest donation center to Deerfield Beach is the Salvation Army store on Copans Road in Pompano.  It is just east of Dixie Highway.  There is a white trailer in the parking lot; donations are accepted at the rear of the trailer. 

Take them all those clothes you haven’t worn in 3 years, by the time you fit into them again they will be out of style.  Clean out your storage area, if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it, mostly you don’t even remember you have some of those things, let's recycle. 

PLEASE, they will take anything, clothing, household goods, books etc. etc.  If you had a garage sale, don’t throw away the left-overs, pile them in the minivan and haul them over to Copans Road. 

You all know I am a fan of the good work the Salvation Army does, and how penuriously they use their money.  They do lots of good for lots of people, so now let’s us do some good for them.

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