Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cove Shopping Center stores getting a facelift.

The dream of Cove area residents and former Commissioner Militello is coming true.  Their idea was to retain the small village feel of the Cove Shopping Center; to make it a unique area retaining the mix of small businesses. 

The theory, which is coming true, was that after the city landscaped the parking lot and made the area attractive, businesses would take advantage of the CRA funded matching façade funds and update their properties and make the center into a gem of a Key West Style attraction.  A fresh, attractive gateway to the beach, accomplished with joint city/property owner creativity.

The Station House Restaurant was a nice addition as is the fresh paint and awnings on other stores.  Now the owners of Sondros (2stores), Paul’s Barber Shop, The Place Hair Salon, and Val de Loire restaurant are going to make significant upgrades to their stores.  The owners propose to paint the buildings, install new awnings and building signage, make structural repairs to roof overhangs and upgrade to impact glass on the storefronts.
Way to go!!  (Yup, I’m saying I told you so, again.)

We have heard nothing about whether the Green Market will be run in the Cove again this season; it is really way late to round up participants so it may not happen.   If it doesn’t perhaps some other events, music, dancing, chowder cook off, or something, can be done to attract attention to the center.

The sign at the front of the Cove is a lovely yellow tower, but it really isn’t a sign, just a cute gazebo, it doesn’t help inform anyone that there are stores and restaurants.  Shouldn’t there be something on it to tell visitors what’s what? 

We hope that this is not a harbinger of loss of interest in the Cove by the city.  Some of the landscaping is already looking unkempt, what’s up with that.   At least the pavers are scheduled to be power washed and sealed in September. It is nice to know the city is taking responsibility for that.  All the businesses have to do is hose the sidewalks clean in between washings.  


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